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Amateur Gourmet Adam Roberts Revealed as Semi-Pro in New Book

Serious Eats contributing editor Adam Roberts, (aka The Amateur Gourmet) has just published his first book, The Amateur Gourmet: How to Shop, Chop, and Table Hop Like a Pro (Almost). Although we are obviously biased here at Serious Eats, it's a damn good read. Sweet, smart, and generously spirited, the book is a funny, honest, gustatory coming-of-age saga. Most interesting, it's not just a collection of blog posts. In fact, Roberts takes his blog posts as a jumping-off point and weaves an engaging narrative. Think of it as a cozy, urban fooddunnit. Full disclosure: I wrote a blurb for the back jacket of the book because I genuinely like it. Roberts is doing what is apparently becoming (according to the... More

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