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In Season: Nectarines

Nectarines are navels of the not-so-fuzzy variety. The same gene present in the nectarine that gives it its smooth skin is that which makes the fruit's flesh slightly spicier and sweeter than its not-so-distant relative, the peach. Throw them on the grill, toss them in a salad, or top them with a spiced oatmeal crumb topping. How do you like to enjoy your nectarines? More

In Season: Nectarines

I never knew quite what to make nectarines—were they orange-fleshed plums? Peaches with a hefty application of Nair? Turns out I wasn't far off: they're mutant peaches with a recessive hairless gene. Since nectarines are so genetically close to peaches, the flavor is similar although nectarines are bred smaller. My family never knew quite what to make of them, so we just munched on raw fruit - a perfectly delicious way to eat them, but don't get caught in that rut. More

Summer Nectarine Scones With Nutmeg Sugar

Photograph from 5 Second Rule Beautiful summer mornings call for equally beautiful baked goods, like these nectarine scones with nutmeg sugar from blog 5 Second Rule. And they're perfect for weekend guests or lazy mornings, because, as author Cheryl Sternman Rule notes, "they're very easy to make in advance and freeze. When everyone wakes up, all you have to do is brush the tops with cream, sprinkle them with sugar, and pop them directly in the oven."... More

NectarineGate: Zuni Cafe's $8 Nectarine Dessert Is Actually $4.50

Earlier this week, we told you about a supposed $8 Blossom Bluff Nectarine on the dessert menu at San Francisco's Zuni Cafe. Ridiculous surcharge for a single piece of fruit, right? A Zuni Cafe representative chimed in to clear up the misunderstanding: It should be $4.50. "The only $8.00 item on the menu was a pot de crème." Ridiculous still, but maybe less ridiculous? We will keep you updated with other NectarineGate details as they come through the wires. [via Eater SF]... More

Zuni Cafe's $8 Nectarine Dessert Is Just a Nectarine; Diners Left Confused

As enticing as the $8 Blossom Bluff Nectarine dessert at San Francisco's Zuni Cafe may sound, be aware that all you'll get is a whole nectarine on a plate. Celeste at Chowhound describes the dish: "A plate came out, with exactly what they ordered - just a plain nectarine rolling around on the plate. ..It seems like a joke but is not." But there's a bonus—the peach comes with a steak knife! [via Eater SF]... More

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