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We Try Every Flavor of Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola Bars

Brooke Porter Katz 5 comments

Have you ever wished your granola bar tasted a little bit more like a candy bar? Yeah, there's a snack for that. More

Taste Test: Granola Bars (and Friends)

Taste Tests Erin Zimmer 43 comments

Sometimes, you just have to eat a granola bar. Maybe you want a rib-eye steak, but you're stuck on a wildernessy trail or just at your cubicle, and the rectangular snack is all you got. There was a day when the Quaker Chewys were the leader of the pack. But the granola bar aisle has come a long way, expanding into bars with flax seed, exotic dried fruits (exotic as in, beyond just raisins), and pumpkin seeds (when it's not even October!). We tried about 20 snack bars, in search of the most satisfying ones that didn't just taste like candy. No offense, candy, but this isn't your taste test. Find out which bars were our favorites. More

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