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What Spring Foods Are You Looking Forward To?

It was "spring forward" this morning in much of North America, and—as if you weren't already looking forward to it—that means spring vegetables are either coming to market already in some parts or are just around the corner. That brings to mind the question: What spring vegetables, foods, and/or dishes are you most looking forward to? More

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Eating?

Right before the tears flowed. (Sorry, Colin; I hope you don't mind I used this photo.) [Photograph: Robyn Lee] While eating dinner with my friends Colin and Tristan last weekend, Colin had stuck an entire soup dumpling in his mouth, straight from the steamer, not knowing that the dumpling was full of scalding hot liquid. Tristan and I watched his face, frozen in horror, turn flush as the dumpling's contents wreaked havoc upon his mouth. Oops. After a few moments of us staring at him helplessly, Colin managed to consume the dumpling and enjoy the rest of the meal. We all had a good laugh. Phew. I have one distinct memory of when I chowed down on something hot—in... More

How Do You Eat with a Beard?

I have been growing a beard lately. Mostly out of laziness. I am just plain tired of shaving. I kid myself that I am saving time by not engaging in the daily ritual of lathering and scraping because the longer my beard gets, the more time I seem to spend trying, unsuccessfully, to keep food out of it.... More

Is Gianluca Holding Out on Us?

Last night while perusing the comments on the Gary Vaynerchuk–Worst Pizza Guy wine-pizza show (and, wow, Gary's fans are giving him and Lapp the beatdown), I saw that Gianluca (aka nextgospel) shows up in the fray with this: "I want to say that the ONLY wine to have with pizza is Gragnano." OK, yeah, yeah. If you follow the discussions here on Slice, you know that Gianluca and Paulie Gee are huge fans of the stuff. I've had it, and Gianluca's right. It's great pizza wine. Thank you for introducing it to all of us. Here's what really piqued my... More

How Do You Define a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

There is plenty of room for interpretation when it comes to this classic comfort-food dish. Some folks like to add prosciutto, but would that technically be a ham and cheese sandwich that's been grilled? Purists argue that grilled cheese should have just cheese, and that's that. Where do you stand? More

Hunch.com Answers Some of Your Most Vexing Food-Related Questions

Hunch, a new website co-founded by former Flickrista Caterina Fake, is a flowchartlike tool designed to help you come to a decision after asking you a series of questions. Hunch is in beta now, but you can sign up for an invitation to check it out. The first thing I did once I got my account (my invitation arrived within a day) was check out the food-related topics on the site (after the jump).... More

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