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Sophie’s Cuban Green Sauce Mystery, Solved

New York Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Thank you, sleuth Zach Brooks. In response to a Serious Eater, desperate to know what's in that green sauce crack at Sophie's Cuban Cuisine, he found out: “A modification of Peruvian aji, the only difference is that we are using... More

No Acorns in US This Year?

Adam Kuban 25 comments

From the Washington Post: "'Once I started paying attention, I couldn't find any acorns anywhere. Not from white oaks, red oaks or black oaks, and this was supposed to be their big year,' said Greg Zell, a naturalist at Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington. 'We're talking zero. Not a single acorn. It's really bizarre.'"... More

Guess What This Is

Robyn Lee 18 comments

Hint: It's edible. And it smells. Answer after the jump.... More

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