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Honey Baked Chicken

The chicken, believe it or not, is not the star of the show here (though it's not at all shabby). It's the marinade. This basic recipe will help you expand your Thai cooking repertoire by creating many different flavor variants using other Thai seasonings. More

My Thai: Curried Peanut Spread

This peanut spread is nothing but a more concentrated, thicker version of Thai-style satay sauce. It contains the same main ingredients: roasted peanuts which have been ground into a paste, Thai red curry paste, and a few other seasoning ingredients. But satay sauce on, er, bread? Why, yes. More

My Thai: Chicken Massaman Curry (Kaeng Matsaman Kai)

Loaded with dry aromatic spices and fresh herbs, Matsaman combines what you love about Middle Eastern or South Asian cuisines with the typical Thai flavors. The harmony of sweet, salty, and sour is such a prominent part of this mild yet rich and full-flavored curry. Here's a dish that squashes the false notion that unless a dish is so hot and spicy it makes one weep and curse the day one was born, it's not good or real Thai food. More

My Thai: Thai-Inspired Coconut-Pandan Rice Pudding with Fresh Mango

We're using the much more forgiving and user-friendly jasmine rice in this dessert that is inspired by the traditional Thai sticky rice and mango. The cooking method has also been adapted for the stovetop, yielding a result that is more similar to Western-style rice pudding in terms of consistency and appearance than the dish by which it is inspired. The flavor, however, is exactly the same as the original. More

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