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Stir Fried Garlic Spinach with Mustard Seeds

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz Post a comment

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] If you've had dim sum, there's a good chance you've had water spinach, stir fried with garlic till just wilted. It's a clean, simple dish that shows greens at their best, and one that takes quite well... More

Spice Hunting: Mustard Seed

Spice Hunting Max Falkowitz 9 comments

I'm not quite sure how a nation that loves mustard as much as the U.S. pays so little attention to mustard seeds. We're pretty far out of the loop on this one: the French, the Chinese, the Indians—even the Brits consume the spice in great quantities. There's a lot more to mustard seed than a condiment in the making (though for that condiment, I charge you to find a better guide than this one). If you haven't explored what mustard seeds have to offer, it's an edible journey worth taking. More

Pickled Grapes with Citrus and Spice

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 1 comment

These pickled grapes have a tangy, sweet-and-sour flavor and are seasoned with cinnamon, fennel, mustard, black pepper, and citrus. They would make a delicious addition to any cheese plate and an inspired hors d'oeuvre at your next beer tasting.... More

The Cartoon Kitchen: Cabbage and Mustard Seeds

Serious Eats Ed Levine Post a comment

It's time for your dose of Sunday funnies, Serious Eats–style. This week's Cartoon Kitchen features Serious Eats' cartoonist in residence Larry Gonick's spin on cabbage. —Ed Levine... More

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