'musicians' on Serious Eats

In Videos: Cat Power/Chan Marshall Makes Sweet Potato Rounds

Seems like indie rockers and hipsters are popping up in all sorts of cooking shows lately. New Yorker pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones unearths a video of Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) making sweet potato rounds for the site Oh Audrey. Amazingly, Marshall does not spend half the video with her back to the camera or freak out and bail.* [Video, after the jump.]... More

The Foo Fighters' Tour Rider: Bacon as 'God's Currency'

The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl in Tokyo, where we assume the food is interesting enough for the band. FooFighters.com Tour riders, the extensive lists of do's and don'ts that performers provide venues with prior to their appearances, are always a great to read and chuckle over. The Smoking Gun, that court-document-obsessed website, brings us a great one from the Foo Fighters, who warn caterers against serving boring food and urge them to "think outside of the box as we consider the CHICKEN BREAST": Here are some cool things to do with meat and meat examples:Fried turkey, fried chicken, fried anything, reallySausages, veggie sausages. Big-ass kielbasas that make men self-conscious. Any sort of tubed meats. Maybe a night of "Fair... More

'Sound Bites': A Rock Star's Take on Eating

All-things-NYC blog Gothamist interviews rock star and food columnist Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand: It seems as though a lot of chefs fancy themselves to be rock stars. Do a lot of rock stars harbor secret desires to become chefs? There are personality traits common to people in both- disregard for conventional life, a desire to travel, swollen egos, tendency to alcohol and substance abuse. More chefs consciously behave like rock stars than rock stars behave like chefs, but that's because most guys in bands don't think about food much. Eating is something they have to do between the important stuff, similar to pissing or throwing up. Having said that, because any vagrant can get a job in a kitchen,... More

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