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Video: OK Go's New Music Video Animated on Toast

Best known for their "treadmill video" as well as other impressively executed ones, the band OK Go has come out with their latest music video for their single Last Leaf. This time, it involves toast. Many, many pieces of toast. They designed images on each slice with laser cutters, which makes for a pretty entrancing stop-motion animation. And you might crave toast after. More

Music Video with New Jersey Roadside Food: 'Bite Yr Tongue' by Big Troubles

New Jersey-based indie band Big Troubles has a pretty sweet music video of them cruising around in their car, stopping at some of their homestate's finest roadside joints: White Manna for sliders, Pizza Town USA for slices, Van Dyke for ice cream, and even Rutt's Hut for hot dogs which we, coincidentally enough, just featured on the site last Friday! Basically it's four dudes gorging themselves for three minutes to a foot-tapping beat. More

Video: 'Heaven Can Wait' by Charlotte Gainsbourg

I don't really get Charlotte Gainsbourg's music video Heaven Can Wait (featuring Beck) but I like it. Probably because it involves a baby in a hot dog suit, hamburger wheels on a skateboard, an astronaut with a pancake-stack head, and a Fruity Pebbles bath. Watch the wacky video after the jump.... More

Video: 'So Fine' By Telepathe

Telepathe is a Brooklyn-based electronic band of two girls who released an album earlier this year called Dance Mother. Along with the expected mod bangs, flannel shirts, and dancing in dark alleyways, this music video for their song "So Fine" involves bowls of tangerines, marshmallows roasting in candles, and the spice aisle at the grocery store. The video, after the jump.... More

Video: 'To Clean' by Woods

Woods is a Brooklyn-based band with this catchy song called "To Clean" from their latest record, Songs of Shame. In addition to the nifty stop-motion effects and guitar strumming, they hang out in the kitchen shoving corn, bananas, and cake into their mouths. Before you know it, raw meat is dangling from a string. It's a fun video, especially the sunglasses cake face part at the very end. Watch it, after the jump.... More

In Videos: Au Revoir Simone's Sad Song

Today's video of the day is Au Revoir Simone's charming video for "Sad Song," from the album The Bird Of Music. You'll be humming this song and craving freshly baked cookies the rest of the day. You're welcome! Watch the video after the jump. [via Fork in the Road]... More

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