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Mobile Museum Focuses on Poor Working Conditions of Florida Ag Workers

In 2009, Barry Estabrook wrote an in-depth piece for Gourmet about tomato pickers in the Immokalee region of Florida. He detailed the near-slavery conditions that farm workers faced as they were forced to work long hours for very little pay, live in filthy and cramped conditions, and remain on the farm against their will. The Florida Modern-Day Slavery Museum is a mobile museum currently stopping across the country, seeking to spread the word about the horrible living and working conditions of these tomato pickers and farm workers. More

In Videos: The Banana Man and the International Banana Club

You can't call yourself a true banana lover unless you're a member of the International Banana Club. Ken Bannister, T.B. ("Top Banana"), real estate agent, and creator of the International Banana Club, started collecting banana-related paraphernalia in 1972. He now has "the world's largest collection devoted to any one fruit," located in Hesperia, California. I want to join the club just so I can whip an International Banana Club Card out of my wallet whenever I feel like it. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Copia Files for Chapter 11

According to the New York Times, Copia, the food, wine, and art museum in Napa, California, has filed for bankruptcy protection. Julia Moskin is too polite to state the obvious, that Copia was clearly overly ambitious, to say the least, and never quite found its footing or place in the food world. Even 35 million dollars of Robert Mondavi's money wasn't enough to see it through. It's hard to imagine a reorganizational scheme that can work for Copia, particularly in these times. Everyone in the food world rooted from near and far for Copia to succeed, but to me it seemed doomed from the outset. I take no pleasure in saying that, believe me.... More

Key Ingredients: The American Cookbook Project

What defines American food? In a compelling examination of the connection between American cultures and the foods they create, Museum on Main Street, a project of the Smithsonian Institution, has put together a collaborative online cookbook featuring recipes and personal anecdotes from across the country for their exhibition, Key Ingredients. The recipe database, searchable by type of food, story, heritage, or region, includes everything from Iowa Fried Pheasant or Squirrel to Armenian Eggplant. The site also provides recommendations for local food events and traditions by region. The physical exhibition, which will have visited over 200 venues across the country by 2013, is currently in Woodbine, New Jersey; Vancouver, Washington; Elloree, South Carolina; Vienna, Georgia; and Honolulu, Hawaii. [via The Village... More

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