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The Serious Eats Progressive Mother's Day Menu

What would a progressive dinner look like in which each member of the Serious Eats staff brought their mother and prepared her favorite dish? I didn't imagine that it would be a meal with an appetizer, a pasta course, a main course, AND SIX FREAKING DESSERTS. I guess our moms all have a sweet tooth. Or maybe I just work in an office full of people who foist their mom's off as an excuse to eat more dessert. For shame! More

6 Wine-Based Cocktails for Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day brunch requires a little something to toast your mom with. When I was growing up we went to the same standard-issue hotel brunch buffet every Mom's day, and she always had a mimosa (while we drank sparkling cider from flutes). But why not get a little more creative this Mother's Day? Here are six cocktails that are wine or sparkling wine-based and totally day-drinkable, but just a little more creative than that bellini or sangria. More

8 Floral Drinks for Mother's Day

I always get my mom flowers on Mother's Day; predictable, I know, but my mom's an avid gardner and flower arranger and loves a beautiful bouquet the way I'd love, I don't know, a selection of great cheeses. And thinking about flowers and mothers, I bet my mom would love one of these eight floral cocktails: some made with rosewater, some lavender, some elderflower liqueur. They're all light and refreshing enough to kick off a brunch or to sip on the porch before an early dinner. More

Mother's Day: How to Make Chocolate Flowers

Why not make some flowers for Mom this year? Out of chocolate? Chances are she'll be pretty happy with a bouquet of these. Here's a step-by-step guide to making several different kinds of flowers, which you can then use to decorate cupcakes, garnish plated desserts or just give by themselves. It's not as hard as you think! More

5 Brunch Drinks for Mother's Day

Let's raise a glass to our mothers this Sunday. Here are five drinks for Mother's Day brunch that are delicious with waffles, frittatas, scones, and the eggs-in-circles your mother taught you to make. We've included a few cocktails and some non-alcoholic options in case Mom isn't ready to hit the booze early. More

Mother's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Bonbons

This Sunday we'll be telling our moms and grandmas how much we love them. But wouldn't that statement be much more effective if chocolate was involved? Yes, yes it would. Thanks to our nut columnist Lee Zalben, founder of Peanut Butter & Co., we have five boxes of chocolate peanut butter bonbons to give away for all the mamas out there. Mom's Lil' Box O' Bonbons comes with eight milk chocolate squares filled with white chocolate peanut butter goodness and rice crispities, and covered in pink flower designs. Five lucky winners here will win a box to arrive before Mother's Day. To enter, just tell us your favorite meal Mom makes. More

Deal of the Day: Toloache

Toloache is treating Mom to a free brunch when her family takes her out this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Check out the Mexican brunch menu [PDF]. 251 West 50th Street (map); 212-581-1818.... More

Deal of the Day: Murray's Cheese

Murray's Cheese has put together a sweet package for Mother's Day. For $60, the "Iconic Selection" includes three cheeses (Pyrenees Brebis, crumbly Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, and butterscotchy Boerenkaas Gouda) as well as dark chocolate and crackers, and they're even throwing... More

Mother's Day Brunch Options

Mom is a fickle one. She may want to go all out with a syrup-drenched waffle, or she'll pull a "you know I'm an egg person, hun." Here's a breakdown of Mother's Day brunches, many of which are tried-and-true favorites, depending on her mood. The big day is Sunday, May 9. More

Sunday Brunch: Pancetta-Wrapped Asparagus from Mario Batali's Mother's Day Menu

I asked Mario for any recommendations on what to cook for Mother's Day this year and whether we could get a recipe for whatever it was. He shot back with a meat-centric menu that featured spit-roasted prime rib, focaccina with provolone and scallions, and asparagus wrapped in pancetta with citronette. Mario called this "a perfect meal." The asparagus recipe is easy and would make a great Mother's Day brunch dish served with some crusty bread or some breadsticks. "Spit-Roasted Prime Rib and Asparagus Wrapped in Pancetta with Citronette, and Focaccina with Provolone and Scallions. A perfect meal."... More

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