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20 Drinks for Your Mother's Day Brunch

What better way is there to tell your mom you love her than a homemade brunch on Mother's Day? And while you're at it, what better way is there to say, "Thank you for putting up with me" than a well-mixed brunch drink? Consider this your recipe guide to delicious brunch cocktails (plus nonalcoholic options!) that are a little more unusual than your standard mimosa. More

State Bird Provisions in San Francisco: America's Best New Restaurant?

How can you not be curious about a place festooned with the title "America's Best New Restaurant"? Bon Appetit designates one every year, and whether or not you agree with their assessments, the honor certainly raises expectations of a recently-opened spot. After one meal at State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, I can't say that I left absolutely convinced that it's The Best Opening of the year. What I can say is that SBP is by far the most interesting new restaurant I've been to this year—the new-est seeming, intelligently mold-breaking restaurant I've been to this year—and a fantastic place to have a meal, too. More

This Week in Recipes

  • Thai Shrimp Cakes with Sweet Chili Sauce: These light, puffy shrimp cakes show off the combination of three simple ingredients: cilantro roots, garlic, and white peppercorns.
  • Boston Cream Pie: Boston Cream Pie might be delicious, but the traditional rendition is most certainly not a pie. This recipe exchanges soggy spongecake for a sturdy blind baked crust that provides great texture and a bit of salty contrast to the sweetness of the pudding.
  • Asparagus and Ramp Soup with Yogurt: This simple soup combines the pure, fresh flavors of blanched asparagus and sautéed ramps with the bright acidity of yogurt and lemon juice.
  • 8 Floral Cocktails for Mother's Day: With ingredients ranging from lavender to elderflower, these springtime cocktail recipes are the perfect accompaniment to your Mother's Day festivities.
  • S. H. Fernando Jr.'s Spicy Lentil Fritters: This recipe combines yellow split peas, chilies, onion, curry leaves, ginger, and fennel seeds for a crispy, addictive fritter reminiscent of falafel.
  • Marinated Fava Beans: When sweet and tender fava beans are coated with a slick of olive oil, vinegar and garlic bits, the contrast between the sharp dressing and the mildbeans makes for a beautiful harmony.
  • The Elvis (Grilled Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana Sandwich): Taking the classic sandwich to the next level, the bananas in this recipe are fried in bacon fat and brown sugar, then flambéd with bourbon for an extra kick. This one'll get you all shook up.
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Fresh Food on TV: Weekend Edition

With all the channels on broadcast TV and cable and the inevitable episode repeats, it's hard to sort out what's new or worthwhile. Let us sort it out for you so you don't miss anything worth watching. Times may vary with region; check your local listings for exact hour and channels. PBS shows have been omitted due to their location-specific programming More

The Serious Eats Progressive Mother's Day Menu

What would a progressive dinner look like in which each member of the Serious Eats staff brought their mother and prepared her favorite dish? I didn't imagine that it would be a meal with an appetizer, a pasta course, a main course, AND SIX FREAKING DESSERTS. I guess our moms all have a sweet tooth. Or maybe I just work in an office full of people who foist their mom's off as an excuse to eat more dessert. For shame! More

6 Wine-Based Cocktails for Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day brunch requires a little something to toast your mom with. When I was growing up we went to the same standard-issue hotel brunch buffet every Mom's day, and she always had a mimosa (while we drank sparkling cider from flutes). But why not get a little more creative this Mother's Day? Here are six cocktails that are wine or sparkling wine-based and totally day-drinkable, but just a little more creative than that bellini or sangria. More

8 Floral Drinks for Mother's Day

I always get my mom flowers on Mother's Day; predictable, I know, but my mom's an avid gardner and flower arranger and loves a beautiful bouquet the way I'd love, I don't know, a selection of great cheeses. And thinking about flowers and mothers, I bet my mom would love one of these eight floral cocktails: some made with rosewater, some lavender, some elderflower liqueur. They're all light and refreshing enough to kick off a brunch or to sip on the porch before an early dinner. More

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Mexican Party Food

La semana pasada en nuestro fin de semana de cocinar y contar... oh wait. Last week on our Weekend Cook and Tell challenge we asked all of you to break out the margarita glasses and oversized sombreros, and tell us all about your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. As usual, our cast of cookers and tellers didn't disappoint when it came to down to fiesta time. Here's a look at some the most estupendo responses. More

Win Tickets to the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, Sunday, May 13

We have to admit that we're pretty excited for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, May 10 through 13 (so excited that Carey Jones and Erin Zimmer will be flying down for the event!). It's a more-than-full long weekend of tastings, seminars, and classes (make biscuits with Nathalie Dupree! a whole hog roast with Chris Lilly!). But the tasting tents sound awesome, too—more than a hundred of the best chefs in the South will be in attendance, for you to meet 'em, chat, and (of course) nibble your way through the afternoon. More

British Bites: Smoked Salmon and Dill Tea Sandwiches

Throughout Britain and many of its colonies, tea is often served in the mid-afternoon as a quick bite between the midday and evening meal. Tea sandwiches as well as pastries, breads, butter, jams and small confections are served. Traditionally tea sandwiches are cold, two-bite sandwiches; some of the most common are egg salad, watercress, and smoked salmon. This version of the classic salmon tea sandwich uses a cream cheese with dill along with some red onion to brighten up the sandwich. More

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