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3 Things You Might Not Know About Moonshine

Moonshine's been called some pretty nasty names: Rotgut. Skullpop. Firewater. Panther Piss. But what is the story behind moonshine? Perhaps you've wondered: where did moonshine get its start? Is that stuff you've heard about moonshine's connection to NASCAR really true? More

Bake the Book: Blueberry Moonshine Pops

Pairing sweet blueberries with punchy moonshine and a hit of lemon juice is a genius move, making these Blueberry Moonshine Pops one hell of a summer afternoon treat. The popsicle masterminds behind Brooklyn's People's Pops advise that these pops are best enjoyed on a hazy back porch in North Carolina with a bluegrass sound track but they also don't discount that they still taste pretty great in a steamy little apartment. More

Video: Moonshine and Molasses in North Carolina

John McEntire is the only person in the world, as far as he knows, that grows Crooked Creek Corn, a once common crop in the southeast. While at his North Carolina farm, John shared stories about his heirloom corn and the moonshine it can produce, as well as a drink made from sorghum. More

DIY Distilling Steps Into the Limelight

Moonshine today runs the gamut. There are still plenty of hidden stills in the woods and cabins of Appalachia (and the garages and cheap rental houses everywhere else) that churn out harsh and sometimes dangerous stuff; but there are also those who are determined to distill a quality liquor, whether out of entrepreneurial spirit or culinary perfectionism. More

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