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Serious Green: Save Energy with Hypercooking

[Photograph: theogeo on Flickr] Things are about to get competitive in the kitchen and it's not a Top Chef Quickfire challenge. It's time to start hypercooking. Hypercooking is defined by The Food Section as "an environmentally conscious way of cooking that seeks to maximize the impact of the energy used during the cooking process." Hypercooking is the kitchen version of hypermiling, in which drivers change they way they drive and use specific techniques to go as far as possible on a gallon of gas. In the Big Green Cookbook Jackie Newgent offers hypercooking tips and recipes, such as one for cookies that finish baking in the residual heat of the oven. Try these tips, after the jump, to save... More

Serious Green: Save Money and Time, Cut Down on Waste by Joining a Co-op or Buying Club

Photograph from jpockele on Flickr You've probably got your grocery shopping routine down to a science. You pick up pantry staples at your neighborhood Piggly Wiggly, Safeway, Hannaford, or Whole Foods. You try to get fruits and vegetables from your local CSA, farmers' market, or roadside stand. Finally, maybe you grab some specialty items every now and then from Trader Joe's or a gourmet store. Sounds pretty good, but there may still be some options for buying local, sustainable, and green groceries that you haven't explored yet. Co-ops: Grocery Stores That Break the Mold Photograph from takomabibelot on Flickr Cooperative grocery stores (more commonly called co-ops) have come a long way from their days of selling textured vegetable protein... More

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