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Cookie Monster: Oaty Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here's the thing. Sometimes we all make food that looks like crap. It turned an undesirable shade of brown, green, black; it has unsightly lumps; it looks half eaten when whole. Some people—I presume—immediately throw it away. My banana bread has cellulite! they wail, or no one will eat a chicken that looks like it has SARS. I'm not that person. If tastes good, I'll eat it, fried caper boogers be damned. More

Scooped: Peanut and Coke Sorbet

I'm as Yankee as they come, but I know a good idea when I see one, and the sweet-fizzy-drink-meets-salty-snack mash-up is a good one indeed. Once you accept that the Coke functions as a rootsy, molasses-tinged caramel to coat the peanuts in a way not unlike that northern ballpark snack, the concept goes down easier. But my question last weekend was if the combination could make the transition to ice cream. More

American Classics: How to Make Shoo-fly Pie

The confidence to Shoo-Fly pie at home came via my Mennonite college roommate, who shared her family recipe which I've adapted here for use with modern kitchen gadgetry. Trust me when I say that the preparation couldn't be simpler. If you already have pie crust on hand, you can have this delicious, comforting pie ready for serving in under an hour. More

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