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Daily Slice: The Def Aleppo at Roberta's Mobile, Frieze Art Fair

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

It's a white pie (no tomato sauce) topped with mozzarella, Parmesan, ricotta, Aleppo pepper, and spring garlic. If Aleppo pepper sounds familiar, that's because you've probably seen in on My Pie Monday, where dhorst has been a huge proponent and "Aleppo crack" dealer. In fact, as Falco described the pie, he said, "You know where I got the idea, don't you?" More

Lombardi Pizza Co.: Truckin' Great Pizza in Edison, New Jersey

Slice Adam Kuban 50 comments

This truck is making pizza that would hold its own in a brick-and-mortar joint. This is not just "good for a truck." It is great pizza, period. If you live near Edison or have a commute that takes you anywhere near, this is destination pizza, folks. More

Pizza Pilgrims Outfit Piaggio Ape with Pizza Oven: BRILLIANT!

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

The Pizza Pilgrims are Thom and James Elliot, a couple of brothers from the UK who flew to the tip of Italy, picked up a Piaggio Ape (it's pronounced ah-peh, Italian for "bee"), and drove it back to London. On route, they stopped at various pizza destinations in Italy, from pizzerias to an olive farm, where they boosted their knowledge of the dish they would make back home. More

Roberta's Pizza Stand Back at Madison Square Eats Today

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

If you've been hankering for a hit of Roberta's pizza but don't want to travel to Bushwick, this is just a reminder that the joint's pizza stand will be among those participating in the fall season of Mad. Sq. Eats. It starts today and runs through October 21. More

First Look: Nomad Pizza in Philadelphia

Slice Caroline Russock 3 comments

Night Market Philadelphia, organized by The Food Trust is a roving gathering of the city's best food trucks and stands that sets up every few months in unique locations. June's special, Philly Beer Week Night Market brought a sneak peak of Nomad Pizza, a wood-fired pizza oven truck with plans to open a brick-and-mortar location in Philly in the fall. More

Austin: Bola's Mobile Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

Slice Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Bola started as a Tuesday night pizza gathering with friends, family, food writers, chefs, line cooks, and too many plus-ones to name, where Christian and his wife Jamie toyed with doughs and toppings. And the official taste-tester? Their dog Bola, the namesake. "After years of doing that every other Tuesday, people started asking me for pizza classes," Christian said. More

San Francisco: Casey's Pizza Shines Indoors and Out

Slice David Kover 12 comments

Tending to your pies outside in San Francisco means dealing with fog and wind four seasons a year, not to mention temperatures that often require a jacket no matter how hot your oven burns. Casey Crynes of Casey's Pizza often braves these conditions several days a week, cooking pies in his home-made Little Black Egg. Though, recently, he's been escaping the elements at least one night a week to cook inside Vinyl, a local wine bar that plays host to pop-up vendors for dinner. More

Daily Slice: The Bee Sting at Roberta's Madison Square Park Pizza Cart

Slice Adam Kuban 18 comments

The sweetness of the honey cuts both the saltiness and spice of the oven-crisped soppressata, all with a fresh-tasting sauce of minimally messed-with crushed tomatoes. The cheese is creamy, and there's just enough of it to satisfy folks who look for a balance of elements on their pies. It's a small, personal-size pizza, more diminutive than even a regular Neapolitan pie, but what more do you want at lunch? Good luck finding a table in the square, but why would you want to?* Find an empty bench in the park across the street; it's much more pleasant and shaded there. More

Westport, Connecticut: Skinny Pines Wood-Fired Pizza Truck

Slice Amy Kundrat 13 comments

Each Thursday at the Westport Winter Farmers Market, the first thing you'll notice is not the plethora of local produce, but the wood-fired oven attached to a green Dodge pick-up truck. The pleasant smell and warmth emanating from Jeff Borofsky's Skinny Pines Pizza Truck makes it challenging to walk into the market without getting hungry for pizza. More

Daily Slice: Slice Brick Oven Pizza, Portland, Oregon

Slice Jim Bonomo 5 comments

Portland, Oregon's newest mobile pizza vendor has made its home among D Street's trendy latecomers. Slice Brick Oven Pizza serves up 8" pizzettes and full-sized 16" pizzas as well as a few different slices: cheese, Margherita, pepperoni, and, occasionally, a vodka sauce-slathered slice. The cart is equipped with a propane-fueled brick oven and promotes their use of freshly made dough and sauce. More

Veraci in Seattle: Skip the Restaurant, Hit the Carts

Slice Adam Lindsley 10 comments

What started in 2004 as a small mobile oven nicknamed "Terracottababy" and rapidly expanded to include a brick-and-mortar restaurant and an empire of farmer's market carts, Veraci is a success story Seattleites love to call their own. Sadly, there is a definite discrepancy between the feverish hype surrounding Veraci and the actual product they're serving. More

New York Capital Region: Orapello's Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza

Slice dhorst 7 comments

A few months ago, my good buddy and fellow Slice'r, dmcavanagh and I were chatting about mobile wood-fired pizza ovens. He mentioned hearing about a guy in the New York State Capital Region with a mobile wood-fired oven, Orapello's Wood Fired Pizza. I happened to catch wind that they would be at a Fall Festival/Pride of New York event in Oneida, about an hour away from where we live. My husband and I decided to check out their pizza and their mobile oven. More

Roberta's Pizza Cart, Worthwhile Pizza Near Madison Square Park

Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

View Larger Map Ever heard of Worth Square? Maybe you have if you're a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker and/or obsessed with the city's streets and its history. Chances are, though, that you may have known it only as a sort of lily pad landing in your Frogger-like attempts to cross the confluence of Broadway and Fifth Avenue between 24th and 25th streets just west of Madison Square Park. Until late last month it was a barren triangle of concrete notable as the home of NYC's second-oldest monument, an equestrian statue of William Jenkins Worth, a general in the Mexican-American War of... More

Beverly Shores, Indiana: The Rolling Stonebaker Pizza Fire Truck

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photograph: The Rolling Stonebaker] The South Bend Tribune in Indiana reports on the Rolling Stonebaker pizza truck, a decommissioned and retrofitted 1949 Studebaker fire truck. Andrea Georgian and Jim Chaddock of Beverly Shores, Indiana, own the truck. As the article points out, she wanted a pizzeria and he wanted a truck. This was their (brilliant) compromise. "The truck is definitely a big draw, especially the older men. And they can't believe the oven's inside the truck," she says, adding that the siren gets plenty of use. And inside the oven, hungry diners will find classic pizzas such as Margherita,... More

Ovid, New York: The Copper Oven

Slice Adam Kuban 18 comments

[Photograph: Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones] On his pizza blog, Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones writes about a really neat-looking mobile copper-clad pizza oven in Ovid, New York (about a half hour north of Ithaca, if that means anything to you). I've been to Ithaca a number of times, and the people around there are nuts about local food. So it's not surprising that the couple who run the pizzeria (located on the Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery) try to cook with farm-fresh ingredients whenever possible. The Cream of Mushroom Soup pizza sounds especially intriguing: This is a new one on me, but who... More

Street Food Profiles: Wy'east Pizza, Portland, Oregon

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

Another installment from my recent pizza tour of parts of the western U.S. Here, a pizza report and a Street Food Profile all in one—from perhaps the best city for street-fooding in the U.S. Wy'east Pizza 3131 SE 50th Avenue, Portland OR 97206 (SE Tibbets/Kelly, parking lot of Ruthie's Weaving Studio; map); wyeastpizza.com Pizza Style: Thin-crust, almost New York–Neapolitan Oven Type: Small propane-fired brick oven The Skinny: Great pizza FROM A TRAILER. Yes. A trailer. Could use a little more flavor to the crust, but the simple and excellent toppings make up for that a bit. Good crisp-chewy crust. Caveat:... More

Mobile Wood-Fired Oven Now at Bethesda Central Farm Market

Slice Adam Kuban 2 comments

[Photograph: Washington Post] What a difference a little more than a year makes. After first IDing the mobile-pizza-oven trend in June 2008, we're seeing wood-fired-oven trailers popping up everywhere. The latest, in the D.C. area, is being called Wood-Burning Pizza On the Go and makes appearances at the Besthesda Central Farm Market in Bethesda, Maryland. The Washington Post has the story here: Market co-manager Mitch Berliner says plans are afoot to fire up custom-order breakfast pizzas and more starting next week, using produce, eggs and charcuterie from the market ($8 and up). The market is open Thursdays and Sundays.... More

Quick Profile on Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso

Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

[Photograph: canerosso.tumblr.com] Dallas-area pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier, co-owner of Dallas's Campania, gets some press for his mobile-pizza-oven operation, Il Cane Rosso on the Dallas Observer's food blog, City of Ate. You may already know Jerrier as canerosso here on Slice, so you won't be surprised that he's pretty damn opinionated about his preferred style of pizza—Neapolitan. [After the jump, where to find Il Cane Rosso.]... More

Openings: Nomad Pizza Co., Hopewell, New Jersey

Slice Adam Kuban 38 comments

[Photographs: Nomad Pizza Co.] While I was skipping the light Francisco on the west side, New Jersey pizza madman Paulie Gee was scouting the Garden State checking in on a place he had read about on NJ.com: Nomad Pizza Co. Nomad Pizza Co. started as a truck-based operation and opened an actual restaurant a couple weeks ago in Hopewell, New Jersey. After the jump, I've got a picture of the oven at the new Nomad restaurant, courtesy of Paulie, but before that, I want you to check out their truck:... More

Video: VendrTV Visits the Veraci Mobile Pizza Oven in Seattle's Pike Place Market

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

This week, Daniel Delaney of VendrTV visits the Veraci Pizza mobile wood-oven at Seattle's Pike Place Market. If you don't live in Seattle, you might remember Veraci from the post we did about it on Slice last June. Veraci got its start operating a small arsenal of mobile pizza ovens at farmers' markets in the Northwest (various locations in Seattle and Bend, Oregon). Two things about this are neat—the mobile oven inherently, and the fact that the pizzamakers attached to the ovens could take advantage of market-fresh produce and toppings. Anyway, 'nuff blabbin'. Watch the video, after the jump.... More

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