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Where to Eat Seafood in Mobile, Alabama

The culture of Mobile revolves around beautifully cooked seafood. This is a corner of the country where they're pumping out plump wild shrimp, shucking sweet oysters, frying up soft-shell crab, and serving oh-so-many other creatures of the briny deep. Here's where to eat them and a little slideshow teaser to get your mouth watering. More

A Sandwich a Day: The French Dip at Regina's Kitchen in Mobile, AL

If, like me, you enjoy dunking your food, then the French Dip sandwich with its side of beefy jus is right up your alley. The version at Regina's Kitchen ($7.95) is a solid incarnation. The roast beef is sliced paper thin and sits atop a layer of melted, tangy provolone cheese. A few pieces of purple onion add a nice crunch, but flavor-wise the sandwich is entirely beef (which makes sense considering you're dipping a pile of roast beef in a container of beef broth). More

Check Out the New Serious Eats Mobile Site

Hey all you smart phoners, pull out your nifty gadgets and check out our newly launched mobile site! All of our content is now viewable on your phones, including the tastyness from AHT, Slice, and SENY. You'll find all the coverage you know and love, and can even post comments and start new threads directly on Talk. Thumb around on there and let us know what you think! More

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