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Video: The Grill Sergeants, the Armed Forces' Cooking Show

Sick of watching chefs on television cook things you'd never cook at home? Maybe you're watching the wrong channel. Switch to The Pentagon Channel, where the U.S. military has its very own cooking show in The Grill Sergeants. NPR recently profiled the show and its star chef, Sgt. First Class Brad Turner. Sgt. Turner, a native of New Orleans, keeps it real and doable on this weekly half-hour show.... More

American Soldiers Prep for International Culinary Olympics

Photograph taken by Sarah McCleary, Portfolio.com When you think of military cuisine, four star food isn't exactly what comes to mind (they call it a mess hall for a reason), but a group of Army soldiers are proving that just because they're in combat doesn't mean they can't whip up an herb-crusted rabbit tenderloin or a strawberry rhubarb tart with lavender honey ice cream. Portfolio caught up with a team of American soldiers who are preparing to ship overseas for a very different kind of a mission, a gourmet call to arms, if you will: the International Culinary Olympics. It's a yearly competition that takes place from October 19 to 22 which pits countries against each other in a... More

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