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Behind the Scenes at the Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab

If you've already had a chance to look at the photos insane dinner I had at the Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab in Seattle a couple weeks back, you may be interested in knowing what goes into preparing all that food, and the book. Before the meal, we took an extensive tour of the massive warehouse space that houses the Cooking Lab. Ever seen a microwave cut in half? More

Gadgets: The Cook-Zen Microwave Pot

A gadget for microwave cooking? Color me skeptical. But that's exactly what the Cook-Zen Microwave Pot is all about. It's surprisingly amazing—and not just for the college student. The Cook-Zen pot has allowed me to become lazier, more ambitious, and somewhat healthier all in one fell swoop. Sound impossible? Believe it. More

No Oven Involved: Microwavable British Flapjacks

In America, flapjacks are just a synonym for pancakes. When I first saw "flapjacks" at a Tesco in England, I was confused. These were actually bar cookies made of oats, butter or margarine, and sugar syrup—not what I usually picture as flapjacks. But the first time I bit into the combination of sweet wholesomeness and fat, I experienced a brain explosion. More

Video: Timecrowave Infomercial on SNL

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live featured the Timecrowave, the only microwave equipped with time travel capabilities. Just pop in the dish of your choice and send it back in time to the exact moment you wanted to eat it. If you don't do it correctly you might cause small (or big) changes in history, but it's totally worth it for a meal heated by the power of time travel. Maybe. More

Microwave Chocolate, Do Some Math, You've Got the Speed of Light

"Or, what nerds do after Valentine's Day." [Image: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Here's a neat little kitchen science experiment from Gizmodo that'll give you an excuse to get rid of all the excess Russell Stover chocolate your thoughtful significant other bought you last-minute at the drugstore. Basically, all you do is stick the chocolate in your microwave (with the turntable removed), zap it for about 20 seconds until it starts to melt, measure the distance between the melty spots and multiply it by a constant (the frequency of the microwaves x 2, or approximately 4.9x10^9) and bingo—you've just calculated the speed of light! So how does it work?... More

Video: USB-Powered Mini Microwave in Action

Earlier last month we mentioned Heinz's Beanzawave, supposedly the world's smallest microwave—USB-powered to boot. It nukes the individual-serving baked bean Snap Pots packages available in the U.K. Now, thanks to Tiscali News, we've got full-motion video of the thing—after the jump.... More

Heinz Introduces World's Smallest Microwave, and It's USB-Powered

In England, Heinz has unveiled the world's smallest microwave—and it plugs into a USB port so you can nuke some grub at the desk or on the go. Called the Beanzawave, it's obviously a ploy to increase brand awareness for Heinz baked beans, but you could also warm some coffee, tea, or maybe a meatball or two. Don't get your wallet out yet, though. The 7.4-by-6.2-by-5.9-inch device is still in prototype stage, and who knows if it'll ever see the inside of stores. Apart from its size, the key breakthrough is the use of a combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to create the heat to cook both on the outside and within in under a minute...."It is possible... More

Serious Green: Saving Energy By Using The Microwave

The much-maligned microwave--conjuring up images of scary invisible waves and mysterious molecular science--isn't what most of us think of as environmentally friendly. (After all, how could "nuking" something be good for the planet?) But though it sounds counterintuitive, the microwave is one of the most energy-efficient options for cooking our food. Think of the microwave as a high-pressure shower, and the oven as an overflowing bathtub. The shower delivers only the blast of water to clean you off, whereas taking a bath requires you to fill a whole sloshy tub of water, just so you can soak inside. In the same way, heating up a whole oven for the sake of a little potato uses a lot more energy than... More

How to Make S'meeps: S'mores Plus Peeps

S'meeps? That's right, I went there. S'meeps are the Brangelina of the Peeps world. A classic treat (s'more/Brad Pitt) coupled with a sparkly chick (Peep/Jolie). This is a twist on the traditional s'more in honor of Peep Week and the glut of Peeps in stores everywhere. The s'meeps taste just like s'mores with an extra crunch of sugar and a happy dose of color. Consider making these as doing the rest of the world a favor. What's going to happen to all the Peeps that aren't bought and consumed/melted/frozen/mauled during the Easter season? Do they go to the old Peeps farm over in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Are they secretly plotting to take over the world in their Peeps lair? The... More

Patrick Swayze Microwave

Grocery Eats It's not so far-fetched. George Foreman and Mr. T both have weird-ass branded products. Why not a Patrick Swayze microwave? The jokers at Grocery Eats have mocked up what such an appliance might look like. The power knob references Swayze's roles over the years, going from lowest to highest in terms of character badassitude—Vida (To Wong Foo ...; low power), Johnny (Dirty Dancing), Sam (Ghost), Dalton (Roadhouse), Bodhi (Point Break; high power). What, no Jed Eckert? Also, when it trips your circuit breaker, you can blame Jim Cunningham.... More

In Videos: Microwaves Play 'Jingle Bells'

The Scrooge in me says that something just doesn't add up here. How could they possibly time all these microwaves to play "Jingle Bells," accounting for the different cook times and for the time it would take to press all the "Cook" or "Start" buttons? But then my inner Jacob Marley warns me to just go with it and believe—to enjoy the show. And that's more fun. The video, after the jump. Happy seasonings!... More

Microwaveable S'mores Maker

Either legend or fact has it that the first written record of s'mores dates back to 1927. But chances are, they did it the old-fashioned way back in the Roaring Twenties—with a twig and a roaring fire. Thank goodness for modern technology. This handy little gadget microwaves two perfect s'mores in 30 seconds. A water tank heats them through evenly (no more gushy marshmallow and cold, hard chocolate), and the arms hold the top graham cracker in place so there's no slip and slide. And it's dishwasher safe; although, chances are, you'll still get pretty messy.... More

In Videos: Fun with Microwaves

There are lots of things you can do with a microwave, other than the social norm (warm up leftovers). You can throw in a jar of Fluff or a plastic doll's head, and wait to see if it blows up. Or, throw in a pile of marshmallows with Christmas lights on top, then see if that blows up. A few guys put on lab coats and channeled their inner mad scientists. It's a six minute video, but if you like blowing stuff up vicariously, watch after the jump.... More

WowBacon Microwave Bacon Cooker

You know, you're just askin' for failure when you use a microwave for anything other than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn. But I'm weirdly drawn to this crazy bacon-cooking contraption. Hang the strips from the lid of the WowBacon Cooker pitcher and the fat renders down into the bottom while it cooks. Sure, you're not going to get as juicy a bacon experience as you would if you pan-cooked the strips, but think of the ease of collecting the fat for use in other recipes. My guess is that this would be perfect for a recipe that called for crisp-cooked bacon—though who knows how well a microwave would do "crisp." $19.95 plus $7 shipping and handling, from wowbacon.com [via Boing... More

In Videos: Cell Phone Popcorn Hoax: How It Actually Worked

You can finally get some sleep tonight. Someone figured out how those popcorn kernels were mysteriously popping without a nearby microwave. Oh wait, there was a microwave involved! The magnetron, or the power-generator inside the machine, was hiding underneath the table. According to the video's step-by-step instructions, the process seems fairly simple: just dismember the microwave, connect a few extension cords and hook up that magnetron. BUT WE DO NOT ENDORSE TRYING THIS AT HOME. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Cell Phone Popcorn Hoax Videos Revealed as a Marketing Campaign for Bluetooth Headsets

Those videos of cellphones popping popcorn? Turns out it was a viral marketing scheme for bluetooth headsets made by the company Cardo Systems. Their website (pictured below) runs the slogan "Making popcorn with a cellphone only happens in the movies," and a disclaimer that reads "The contents of these videos are fictitious and humorous optical illusions..." Indeed. The Cardo website. Previously: Videos of cellphones popping popcorn Popcorn videos debunked Good Morning America tries to pop popcorn with cellphones, and failed.... More

In Videos: Cell Phones Pop Popcorn Kernels

No microwaves or ovens nearby? Videos coming out of France, Japan, and the USA show a feature most cell phone manufacturers are not likely to promote: when they ring, cell phones pop popcorn kernels. And we put these things next to our heads? Is this a hoax? Update: The videos have been debunked! Update #2: Good Morning America tried to pop popcorn with cellphones, and failed. Videos after the jump.... More

The Microwave Oven: Do You Actually Cook With Yours?

The Minimalist, Mark Bittman, and the Curious Cook, Harold McGee, pose all kinds of interesting questions and provide answers about the microwave oven, the kitchen appliance we all love to hate, in today's New York Times. Bittman's fundamental question: We all use a microwave, but can we make it cook? His conclusion, one he came to through trial and error and by interviewing Microwave Gourmet author Barbara Kafka, is that microwaves are great for steaming everything from vegetables to puddings both sweet and savory. What do Kafka and McGee have to say about microwaving?... More

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