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Gadgets: Mastrad Minute Cooker

The minute cooker is simple. A somewhat square (wider at the corners, gently curved in the center), somewhat flat bowl nestles in a silicone base with a silicone lid. We gave it a run for its money to see if it would steam our food as efficiently as promised. More

DIY Microwave Popcorn

There are many brands of microwaveable popcorn to choose from, but it's easy (and cheaper) to do it yourself with a paper bag and popcorn kernels. A little butter, salt, and sugar make this microwaved popcorn the perfect pairing for... More

It' a Vase that's a Microwave—Or Vice Versa

In its default setting, the Microwave Vase looks like nothing more than a regular vase; once food is placed inside and the top knob is adjusted for time, then it becomes an actual microwave, cooking your food in a heartbeat. When the food is finished, the little green leaf on top lights up to let you know that your meal is ready. Wasn't this an accessory in the The Sims? Microwave Vase [Yanko Design]... More

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