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Taste Test: Microwavable Popcorn

Something happens when you microwave popcorn. Even if you're a purist stovetop popper, when the packaged stuff is nuked, you're suddenly at the mercy of artificial butter intoxication. Some synapse fires and all of your thoughts are butter-scented. "I smelled it from floors down," tasters said as they were filing in for this taste test. We shopped around and bought brands in each of these five categories: Butter, Movie Theater Style, "Natural," 94% Fat Free, and Kettle Corn. When it was all said and done, we had a grand total of 27 varieties of microwavable popcorn. If you do the math, we were popping corn for, oh, about 81 minutes. More

Eat Local, for Your Microwave?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Hsiao-Ching Chou talks to Greg Conner, the founder of Eat Local, an area company dedicated to providing frozen microwavable meals made with organic, sustainably-raised seasonal produce and meats that all come from within a few hundred mile radius of the city, cooked in small batches every day for maximum freshness. "The cost runs from about $7 for a single portion to $55 for an eight-person entree. "We're not the cheapest," Conner acknowledges. "But we know the provenance of the food. You pay for the safety in your food and you're having less impact on the environment." [via The Food Section]... More

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