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Michelle Obama Criticized/Not Criticized for Getting a 1,700-Calorie Meal at Shake Shack

Earlier this week the internet was ablaze with articles about what Michelle Obama ate for lunch on Monday. Why? Because it was a burger. ...Okay, it was a burger with fries, a chocolate shake, and a Diet Coke from Shake Shack in Washington, D.C. And it added up to 1,700 calories, although we don't know how much of it she ate. Since she's an advocate for the Let's Move campaign to promote healthy eating and exercise for kids, ordering such a meal more than raised some eyebrows. Some nutritionists criticized her, some supported her, and most people probably asked, "Who cares?" More

FTC Proposes Regulations on Foods Marketed to Children

The Federal Trade Commission last week released recommended guidelines for marketing food to kids. These guidelines will be open for public comment and soon sent to Congress for consideration. What do you think? Should foods marketed to children have healthiness standards? Does this mean no more Cap'n Crunch mascots? More

Top 25 Pizzerias Based on Bulletin Board Shout-Outs

OK. This is crazy. Over on Fark, there's a thread going about Michelle Obama's visit to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (as egadman tipped me off to). Anyway, a lot of it is pretty ugly, with lots of dumb-ass political stuff going on. But ... as I was wading through it, I found this crazy comment. It seems that Fark user "Certainly You Jest" has a strange hobby indeed*: Because I'm such a pizza geek, I go through threads like this and record shout-outs from posters about their favorite pie shops.After numerous pizza threads here and elsewhere, the top-25 vote-getters on my... More

Michelle Obama Visits Grimaldi's, Prefers NYC Pizza to Chicago?

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] First Lady Michelle Obama visited Grimaldi's in Brooklyn yesterday with her two daughters. The New York Times's City Room blog quotes their server, Ralph Harajda, as saying, "They loved everything," he "I think they said it was better than Chicago pizza." Of course, the Chicago Tribune had to confirm this, and there they quote Harajda as clarifying his statement: "No, what she said was, 'It's the best pizza, and I'm from Chicago.' She liked the pizza very, very much. They were pleased." Of course, it's been reported here on Slice that the Obamas' favorite pizza can... More

'Iron Chef America' Competes at the White House in January

We mentioned this in our New York Times roundup today, but it deserves an extra little shout-out. First Lady Michelle Obama will make a guest appearance on Food Network when she challenges Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, and White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford to a special Iron Chef battle. The secret ingredients? Produce grown in the White House garden. The episode will air on Sunday, January 3 at 8 p.m. EST.... More

Video: Inside the White House Garden

First Lady Michelle Obama and White House chef Sam Kass give us a tour of the first White House garden since Eleanor Roosevelt's Victory Garden during World War II (which technically was only the size of a bed, and didn't qualify as a feeding-lots-of-people garden like this one). Planted in March with the help of Bancroft Elementary School students, the White House vegetable garden has already yielded hundreds of pounds of food. Fun fact: the seeds came from Monticello's head gardener, originally passed down from Thomas Jefferson himself. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Michelle Obama: Should Our First Lady Also Be America's Chef de Cuisine?

The New York Times' Amanda Hesser made an interesting, thoughtful, and insidiously provocative suggestion over the weekend; that Michelle Obama, who has already adopted local, healthy food as one of her signature issues (how was dinner at Blue Hill the other night?), should also encourage families to sit down to meals they have actually cooked instead of ordered or reheated. So here's the question: Should our First Lady also be our nation's chef de cuisine? Hesser was actually having an Alice Waters moment (Alice has been advocating this for years), but somehow coming from Hesser, this bit of advocacy sounded downright soothing. There's no doubt that both Hesser and Waters are right: Cooking and eating meals together are good for... More

Michelle Obama: The First Lady and a Serious Eater?

According to the New York Times, Michelle Obama has taken on healthy, delicious, and local food as one of her main issues. The serious eaters at world headquarters here certainly second that emotion and support her efforts, and how can we not love and cherish a first lady who eats (and talks up) local and still takes her staff to Five Guys for a burger and fries? In fact, she says the White House kitchen can rustle up "a mean batch of french fries" (fresh, we're sure) when called upon. Oh, yeah. She and our president also indulge their craving for their favorite Chicago pizzeria. So Michelle Obama likes healthy and delicious local food, burgers, and pizza. Here are some... More

In Videos: Michelle Obama, Cristeta Comerford Give Tour of White House Kitchen

First Lady Michelle Obama and White House chef Cristeta Comerford give D.C.-area culinary students a tour of the White House kitchen before the White House dinner for governors. Comerford: "It takes only two days. But the planning stage is the longest stage. And of course connecting with the growers, with our purveyors, and with our farmers. Because for any menu to be successful, those are the key relationships you have to build." [via Eat Me Daily]... More

No More CPK for Michelle Obama

"Mrs. Obama, a creature of the South Side and of habit, has spent nearly every Saturday for the past 10 years with the same two friends and their collective brood of children, lately at a local California Pizza Kitchen where the group hashes over their weeks together. Now all of that must change." [New York Times]... More

In Videos: Obama Bacon Man

Honestly, I don't know what's going on in this video. Fake Barack Obama makes bacon, some of the kids behind Sizzology rap about it, and then—how did we ever miss this tidbit of news?—they cut in a Michelle Obama breakdown in which she says, "I do my protein as bacon. We're bacon people." I'd imagine that was clipped from some appearance on a morning talk show where she either made a recipe or talked about breakfast. The video, after the jump.... More

Cookies Determine Fate of Presidential Candidates

Michelle Obama's shortbread cookies versus Cindy McCain's oatmeal-butterscotch cookies. Who knew cookies had so much power? Readers of Family Circle have successfully predicted America's next first lady during the past four elections just by judging the presidential spouses' cookie recipes in the magazine's competition. Chocolate tends to win Family Circle readers over, but this year neither Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain contributed recipes for cookies including chocolate; Obama went with shortbread and McCain, oatmeal-butterscotch. Readers' favorite cookie will be revealed in mid-October. To bake your own Presidential cookies, check out the collection of recipes at the appropriately named blog, Presidential Cookies. Related Jones Soda Launches Campaign Cola... More

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