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Eating Mice Can Be Rather Nice

Cathy Chaplin 9 comments

There are some very interesting meats available for consumption in Southeast Asia. I’ve seen bugs, ostriches, dogs, snakes, bats, and even cats for sale. While I draw the line at domesticated animals and insects, I’ll pretty much eat everything else, just as long as it was prepared with love, looks appetizing, and smells good. With the year of the rat in full swing, a group of friends and I recently ventured outside our comfort zones to try a Mekong Delta specialty—mouse. The breed of mice served in local restaurants are not native to the city and are in fact from the countryside. These mice resided in rice fields and feasted on whole grains prior to meeting their makers. If... More

A Mouse Foot in a Jar of Pickles is a "Special Additive"

Raphael 2 comments

A Slovenian woman who found a mouse foot in a jar of pickles was told it was completely normal. [via Consumerist]... More

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