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New Hot Dog of the Week Prints for Sale

Every Friday we look forward to Hawk Krall's take on a different hot dog variation in his Hot Dog of the Week column—from traditional small town hot dog joints to bizarre South American concoctions. He now has four brand-new prints from recent posts for sale for $29 each. The prints look as good, or even better, than the original paintings. Get a close-up of them here (and then realize that you want to cover your wall with them). More

Inflatable Gag Gobbler

[Photograph: Archie McPhee] Oh, boy. Get ready for Thanksgiving. Here's an inflatable turkey. I'd love to fill a flock of these with helium and see if they'd fly. $11.95, from Archie McPhee [via Swiss Miss]... More

Hot Dog of the Week Art Prints for Sale

Photographs by Hawk Krall Every week, I look forward to seeing what Philadelphia-based illustrator Hawk Krall comes up with for the Hot Dog of the Week. There have been a number of HDotW's that I've wished I could get high-quality prints of. Well it just so happens that some of my (and, I hope, your) favorite Hot Dog of the Week artwork is now available as high-quality 11-by-14-inch art prints. These are professional giclée fine art prints, printed by the fine folks at Silicon Gallery Fine Arts in Philadelphia. I can't imagine who wouldn't want one of these (all of which are suitable for framing) in their kitchen. Choose from four designs and stay tuned for more to be... More

Cooking with Kids: Toy Doner Kebab

Sadly, I noticed this too late to put it on a Christmas list, but it’s not too early to start next year’s list. Not my daughter’s list. Mine. It’s a plush doner kebab sandwich. “The fuzzy cloth pita opens up to reveal all the fixings necessary for a traditional gyro, including lamb meat, tomato slices, onion rings, lettuce, and pepperoncini. Don’t like onions in your kebab? Take ‘em out!” If there’s one thing I hate on my sandwich, it’s polyester onions. Like all toys, this one comes with a warning: “This gyro has such a delicious appearance that they should be kept away from small children, lest they mistake the play food for the real thing.” I think this is... More

Salt-n-Pepa Salt and Pepper Shakers

File this under Why Didn't I Think of That. Etsy.com seller Drinkanddream created a salt and pepper shaker set that plays off the name of '80s hip-hop group Salt-n-Pepa. I feel bad for Spinderella, though. Maybe Drinkanddream can craft a lazy Susan in her honor. Salt-n-Pepa shakers, $30 on Etsy. Related: Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers... More

Let the Anal Retentive Eat Cake

Measure your cake slice down to the millimeter with this serving plate. As the product description says: With this plate, the concept of measurement is explored in a way to create a connection between the person and the object. For instance, when cutting cake or cheese, nobody will complain about having the smallest slice. Oh, I think they'll still complain about having the smallest slice, because now it'll be even easier to tell who does. CAD$45, plus shipping, from uptoyoutoronto.com [via Boing Boing]... More

Shabu Shabu, Meet Nano Nano

My iPod Nano has been getting scratched raw, such as it is that I don't have a case for it. With all my iPods past and present, I've resisted a case because I've felt they only bulk up the device without adding the proper amount of visual interest. If this one, meant to look like thin strips of shabu shabu beef, was available in the U.S. and not just in Japan, though, I'd wrap it around my iPod in a second. [via The Gizmodo]... More

Bowl with Built-In Spoon Rest

One of life's minor annoyances is when your spoon falls into your bowl of cereal. You either have to dig in there with your fingers or you have to dirty another utensil to fish it out. It's a crap way to start the day. This bowl here might change all that, with its built-in spoon caddy. $21 at Uncommon Goods [via Neatorama]... More

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