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'Print' Magazine's Food Issue

The August 2009 issue of the graphic-design trade magazine Print is dedicated to food. The magazine has done several themed issues throughout its history, but this is the first to deal primarily with the design culture of food. Stories in the issue include a look at packaging that has never changed (hello, Happy Boy!), an inside look at food photographers and food styling, and a photo essay on designers cooking (with the designers' recipes—including Serious Eats fave Swissmiss—to appear on the Print website in the next week or so, I'm told). Sorry for the lack of links; a little birdie at Print says they're waiting to launch their website redesign before uploading stories from the current issue. But you... More

The Year That Was on Serious Eats: Food Media

It's an old trope that the only people who care about media news are members of the media themselves. And while we are a "blog," we do indeed consider ourselves part of this illustrious and infamous industry. So please indulge our navel-gazing here in this installment of The Year That Was. In the interest of getting this particular retrospective over with in one shot, I'm going to lump many different media fields together. Newspapers and Magazines ©iStockphoto.com/ideabug It was not a good year for newspapers in general, with several dailies reducing frequency and coverage, going web-only, and even filing for bankruptcy. It's no suprise then that newspaper food sections were also downsized accordingly (and Serious Eats readers were a mixed... More

Newspaper Food Sections Cutting Jobs; What Can Be Done?

©iStockphoto.com/ideabug My friend Michael Bauer, the San Francisco Chronicle executive food and wine editor and restaurant critic, laments the job losses occurring on a regular basis at newspaper food sections around the country. For Bauer, this issue really hits home for two reasons: his own newspaper—which once had the single largest staff of any newspaper food section in the country—is under intense financial pressure, and many of his friends and colleagues find themselves out of work. It is indeed a terribly difficult time to be working at newspapers, particularly at the food section. Why?... More

Wine TV

Gary Vaynerchuk in Episode #285 of Wine Library TV. Two nights ago, a top television exec dined at Babbo and I was his sommelier. As I masterfully executed a long-pour across the table, I hinted at my desire to host my own prime-time wine television show. He said, “I think you’re right. I was speaking with the president of the Food Network over lunch yesterday, trying to convince him that this was a good idea. America is ready for it."... More

Food Writer Wins Pulitzer!

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly's restaurant critic, has become the first food writer to win the Pulitzer Prize. The late David Shaw often wrote about food, but he won the Pulitzer Prize for his media reporting. Gold is a fine writer, as this article clearly shows, but I for one am shocked that the Pulitzer jury didn't award it to someone like Johnny Apple, Jeffrey Steingarten, or Alan Richman first.... More

The Difference Between Reviews and Blog Posts

Yesterday I mentioned the story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the influence foodbloggers and food forums such as Yelp are having on the restaurant biz. The crux was, Who are these amateurs and can we trust them? The article mentions the 30-day grace period professional critics often give a new place and the fact that they visit multiple times before turning in their copy. But what about professional critics who also blog?... More

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