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Does the McRib Still Matter?

Yup, the McRib's back again. You'll find it nationwide at participating McDonald's through December. Don't get me wrong—it's a pretty good sandwich. But its following is derived largely from its manipulated scarcity and its utter lack of competition. More

Fast Food: My McRib Confession

Ribs are awesome, but ribs are also a barbaric mess. Which is why we have the McRib. Yes, McDonald's has once again deigned to trot out its porky show pony for a limited run, much to the delight of its vocal minority of superfans and much to the chagrin of the strange cadre of Internet people with "Born to Lash Back" tattooed across their typing knuckles. To me, the only thing weirder than getting overly excited about the McRib's occasional couple-month stand is getting overly vexed about the overexcitement. More

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