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Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls

This might be my favorite part of the Seder—until we get to dessert that is. In this version, matzo balls are not heavy and doughy, but light, fluffy, and seasoned. The key is making them with seltzer and giving the batter a good rest before shaping and cooking—it makes all the difference. What are your matzo ball tricks? More

Blue Ribbon's Excellent Matzo Ball Soup

Is Blue Ribbon's matzo ball soup better than either of my grandmother's? I'd rather not say. What I will say is that it lived up to the title of "excellent"—the stock was beautifully flavored, and the matzo balls were the ideal weight and density and tasted of chicken fat in the best possibly way. More

Joan Nathan's Rosh Hashanah Greatest Hits

Apples and honey for a sweet new year. [Flickr: ForestForTrees] When we wanted to find some seriously delicious recipes for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, I immediately reached out to Joan Nathan, the queen (not named Esther) of Jewish cooking in this country. My wife and I have repeatedly cooked for both of our families from three of Joan's cookbooks: Jewish Cooking in America, Jewish Holiday Cookbook, and The New American Cooking. The finished dishes never fail to elicit oohs and ahhs, even from my brothers, who are certainly among the world's toughest lay food critics. Pay particular attention to Jim Cohen's Sephardic Brisket It will convince you that dried apricots and prunes are perfect complements to beef... More

How to Cook Matzo Balls

Carole Kotkin of the Miami Herald has nine great tips to cooking matzo balls, for those of you making Passover meals for Monday. Tip No. 8: "To ensure tender matzo balls, do not uncover the pot, even to peek, for at least the first 20 minutes."... More

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