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Cook the Book: Gondi, Chicken and Chickpea Dumplings in a Broth

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

Janna Gur's The Book of New Israeli Food includes a chapter devoted to foods that are traditionally eaten on the sabbath in Israel. Some are familiar (chopped liver and chicken noodle soup) while others are a bit more exotic. Gondi, an Iranian-Jewish take on matzo ball soup, falls somewhere in between. Chicken soup with big, fluffy matzo meal dumplings is a Passover classic that has potential for greatness but also a tendency to be a little bland depending on your seasoning strategy. Gondi, on the other hand, is all about big, bold flavors. More

Blue Ribbon's Excellent Matzo Ball Soup

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 13 comments

Is Blue Ribbon's matzo ball soup better than either of my grandmother's? I'd rather not say. What I will say is that it lived up to the title of "excellent"—the stock was beautifully flavored, and the matzo balls were the ideal weight and density and tasted of chicken fat in the best possibly way. More

Young & Hungry: Classic Cold Remedy at the Cafe Edison

New York Jenn Sit 2 comments

With the autumn chill setting in and one too many jacketless mornings, I landed a pretty nasty cold. Yesterday, after a lunch of Theraflu and cough drops, I decided to spare my cubicle neighbors the operatic sniffling and sneezing... More

Community Food & Juice: The Best Greek Coffee Shop You'll Ever Eat At

New York Ed Levine 1 comment

Imagine a a new kind of Greek coffee shop, one opened by a really talented chef who uses good ingredients and does his thing in an environmentally friendly way. Sounds good, doesn't it? Sounds like a concept that any New... More

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