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Video: Philippines Fast Food Mascot Dance-Off — KFC vs. Jollibee

Fast Food Adam Kuban 9 comments

I didn't even know KFC had a mascot other than the Colonel, but this video that's been making the rounds shows what's supposedly the KFC chicken (maybe it's a Philippines thing?) having a dance-off with the Jollibee bee to the tune of South Korean girl group Wonder Girls' "Nobody." They've pretty much got the dance down. Videos, after the jump.... More

"Fast Food Mafia," by ~silentsketcher

Fast Food Adam Kuban 4 comments

"Fast Food Mafia" by deviantART user ~silentsketcher imagines various major chain mascots as members of organized crime. We're sure that, as far as many people are concerned, the depiction isn't that far from the truth. The artist also sends up Wendy, the Burger King, and Colonel Sanders.... More

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