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9 Must-Try Sweets In Sicily

Don't tell mainland Italians, but the sweets of Sicily might just be the country's best. Thanks to the island's hot-potato past (it's been ruled by Greeks and Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, French and Spanish) and its rich agriculture (hello, almonds and lemons, pistachios and oranges—not to mention olives and grapes), Sicilian food is among Italy's most varied and interesting cuisine. But when it comes to the sweets, we're really talking. More

What's the Deal with Marzipan?

Marzipan gets a lot of attention in December. You'll find it on cakes, tucked inside chocolates, and molded into festive shapes. Marzipan is even the name of a character in the Nutcracker ballet. But have you ever wondered about where marzipan comes from, what it's made of, and why we eat it? More

Cakespy: Pizza Pie Dessert

This confection may look like a pizza but has the soul (and ingredients) of a delicious dessert, comprised of pie crust heaped with sweet preserves, rounds of cheesecake filling and little marzipan "leaves" to mimic the look of a Neapolitan pie. The final result is pleasingly substantial, with a nice mix of textures and sweet and tart flavors--not to mention extremely fun to serve to unsuspecting guests. More

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