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The Best Gin for a Martini

Do you need to spend big bucks to make a great martini? Does one style of gin work better than another in this cocktail? I convened a tasting of martinis made with ten different gins to test out a variety of gin styles and price points. More

The Kangaroo, a.k.a. Vodka Martini

One of the most influential drinks of the past century, the Kangaroo is likely unknown (by that name, at least) to most contemporary drinkers. Originating around 1950, when vodka was a relative novelty, the Kangaroo debuted when an unknown bartender simply swapped vodka for gin in one of the era's most popular cocktails; within a few years, the vodka version not only surpassed the original in popularity, but it appropriated that gin drink's name. More

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