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Video: Rick Bayless Makes Sparkling Ginger Margaritas at Serious Eats HQ

Drinks Jessica Leibowitz 3 comments

We had a swell happy hour recently when Rick Bayless stopped by the Serious Eats office to demonstrate a few recipes from his book Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks. In this video, Rick Bayless and Ed Levine shake up an excellent batch of sparkling ginger margaritas, and Rick gives us a quick education about agave syrup and kaffir lime leaves. More

The Best Margaritas in Austin, Texas

Drinks Melody Fury 9 comments

It's rare to find a bar menu in Austin that doesn't have at least one margarita on it, and it's no wonder that this simple concoction is so well loved under the Texas sun. The combination of lime, tequila, and orange liqueur has the ability to quench thirst and make even the worst heat more bearable. We drank our way around Austin to find the best examples possible. More

How to Make Pok Pok's Hunny at Home

Drinks Jaclyn Einis Post a comment

When Pok Pok NY's Alex Mirkin is jonesing for something citrusy, he shakes up a Hunny. Though he likes to steer clear of references to the classics, once its vinegary froth settles, the Hunny's not a far cry from a margarita; a bittersweet margarita with a subtle X factor. More

Grandote (Para Dos) from West of Pecos

Serious Eats Lauren Sloss Post a comment

This summery, herbal margarita-for-two is available at West of Pecos in San Francisco. More

Video: How to Make A Margarita

Drinks Jessica Leibowitz 8 comments

It's a hot one today, and we're getting thirsty for some refreshing cocktails. We're thinking something with tequila and lots of fresh lime...In this week's video, New York bartender Michael Neff chats about the origins of the margarita and how to make one with fresh juice. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Bud Light Lime-a-Rita

Drinks Will Gordon 23 comments

Tomorrow I'm meeting an old friend for lunch and I couldn't be more excited or less excited. I am exactly the right amount of excited: very extremely to be seeing one of my favorite people for the first time in at least five and perhaps as many as 100 years; and not-at-all-god-please-why to be going to Border Café in Harvard Square. More

5 Fruity Margarita Recipes for Warm-Weather Entertaining

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Things you won't see me drinking a lot of these days: Day-Glo margaritas in flavors like "Blue (Berry) Monster" and "Razz-Ma-Tazz." I like my tazz unrazzed, thanks. These five real-fruit margaritas are everything we want fruity drinks to be: balanced, flavorful, not too sweet, not too sharp or strong, and totally refreshing. Plus, they're easy to make for a group. More

Fresh Cantaloupe Margaritas

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Use ripe cantaloupe for this delicately-flavored margarita. More

Fresh Watermelon Margaritas

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

To get the watermelon flavor to really come through in this thirst-quencher, you'll whir an ample amount of ripe cubed melon (seedless is best) in a blender with a little kosher salt. Be sure to strain through a fine-mesh sieve to avoid any pulp in the drink. More

Rhubarb-Strawberry Margaritas

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

If you like strawberry rhubarb pie, you may find it hard to resist this fruity margarita, which arrives in a lovely shade of rose. More

DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Sour Mix?

Drinks Marcia Simmons 12 comments

Cheap sour mixes are made from artificial lemon and lime flavoring along with corn syrup, coloring, preservatives, and stabilizers. Higher-end mixes are made with juice from concentrate, citric acid, and sugar. Despite its appearance, commercial sour mix is not made with radioactive citrus and will not give you super powers. (Though if it did, you would be able to thwart criminals by shooting a mildly irritating yet pleasant-smelling acid into their eyes.) More

DIY Sour Mix

Serious Eats Marcia Simmons 8 comments

The true beauty of making this mix is having a fresh, versatile, and easy cocktail mixer for parties. There's no reason to buy sour mix when in 10 minutes you could hand-make something that's infinitely more delicious. More

Cheap Buzz: On the Border

Drinks John M. Edwards 3 comments

This week, we checked out the drinks at On the Border. Chips and margaritas: perfect for Cheap Buzz. What we found: some mediocre drinks but one surprise winner. More

Our Search for the Best Margarita Mix

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 27 comments

It's Cinco de Mayo, and you invited friends over for margaritas. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, you may be tempted to pick up a bottle of margarita mix instead of making fresh margaritas. Which mix is best? We braved a sugar-and-tequila headache to taste eleven different versions. More

10 Awesome Tequila Cocktails To Make At Home

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 5 comments

Cinco de Mayo is a great day to explore the versatility of tequila and try mixing up something new, reaching beyond basic margaritas to drinks that highlight tequila's spice and flavor. Here are ten Serious Eats-approved cocktail recipes ranging from light, refreshing highballs to intense, brooding drinks served up. (We couldn't help but include a few truly delicious margarita variations, too.) More

Cinnamon-Tamarind Margarita

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

This margarita is super tart and fresh, with the slightly earthy notes of tamarind and cinnamon coming through. Use a good 100% agave tequila, blanco or reposado. The spice of the tequila echoes beautifully though this cocktail, and a little Cointreau adds a hint of orangey sweetness. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: El Jimador Premixed Tequila Cocktails

Drinks Will Gordon 18 comments

My whole life has been an elaborate series of shortcuts and weasel-outs, but even I get pedantic when it comes to assembling a proper margarita. You need to use real fruit!!! And if you're not going to spring for Cointreau or Grand Marnier, just skip that step. But since even my pedantry is rimmed with laziness, it should come as no surprise that I'm not dead set against the idea of premixed cocktails. More

Cheap Buzz: Applebee's Infamous Margaritas

Drinks John M. Edwards 9 comments

Want to get messed up? Head to Applebee's. This kid only had the apple juice, and blew a 0.10. I headed over there to check out the margarita menu, and I was pretty impressed. More

Ten Margaritas We Love in New York City

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 6 comments

In honor of National Margarita Day (yes, that's a real holiday!) here are some of our favorites in New York City—chartreuse margaritas, hibiscus margaritas, rosemary margaritas, and much more. More

Cheap Buzz: Chevy's

Drinks John M. Edwards 4 comments

As far as fast-casual restaurants go, Chevys Fresh Mex ranks pretty high up there. Fresh pico de gallo, tortialls made throughout service, sizable portions. But, as we've seen, sometimes a place to get a good, cheap meal isn't the best place to get good booze. I set out to see what the watering hole at Chevy's had to offer. More

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