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Map: Barbecue Contests, Cookouts, and Festivals in the United States

Last week, we shared a national guide to barbecue events in the United States. Though my knowledge of barbecue events is pretty limited, I included as many local events as I could find. But I thought it'd be interesting to open things up to anyone out there. Here's a simple Google map for plotting barbecue events across America. We've made it an open collaboration, so any of you can add to it! And we hope you will. More

Plan a Road Trip with Southern Foodways Alliance's Oral History Interactive Map

If you plan on road tripping around the South this summer, check out the Southern Foodways Alliance's Oral History Interactive Map. The map features restaurants, roadside stands, and purveyors from Virginia to Texas with an Oral History about each location. Use the Trip Builder to plan an itinerary around the eateries along your route. There are also specific trails for barbecue, boudin, gumbo, and tamales. More

Data Visualization: Food Consumption and Obesity Maps

[Maps: Daily Yonder] Daily Yonder, a blog devoted to rural American goings-on, created these fascinating maps about eating habits across the country using the USDA's Food Environment Atlas. It's hard to simplify the data into clear, absolute terms, but in most cases, the higher the fruit and vegetable consumption, the lower the obesity rate. Whoa Colorado, you are a pretty skinny state! Here are just two of the many maps Daily Yonder shares relating to food and health. [via Ezra Klein and @gastropoda] Related Data Visualization: Subway Locations in the U.S. Data Visualization: Distances to Nearest McDonald's Data Visualization: Soda vs. Pop vs. Whatever... More

Data Visualization: Subway Locations in the U.S.

[Image: Dagoosh!] If you've ever passed a Subway and thought, "Wait, didn't i just pass one 20 seconds ago?" this map of Subway locations in the U.S. from Dagoosh! won't surprise you. Aside from the lack of a fiery red glow, It doesn't look very different from the McDonald's locations map. The farthest you can be from a Subway is 138 miles, between the towns of Austin and Eureka. [via Buzzfeed]... More

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