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First Look: Manny Torres Gimenez at The Palace, San Francisco

When last we checked in with him, Manny Torres Gimenez was serving fresh pasta and two different prix fixe menus at Roxy's Cafe in the Mission...all without much of a kitchen. At Roxy's, he could basically only boil water on an induction burner; now, he's moved into the old Palace Steakhouse on Mission and Cesar Chavez, and installed a real kitchen, complete with rotisserie, broiler, and grill. The chef, who trained at Nobu in New York and SPQR, Quince, and Coi in San Francisco, says of the new space, "Here, this is like my dream. Now I can use my entire imagination." More

First Look: Manny Torres Gimenez at Roxy's Cafe, San Francisco

Manny Torres Gimenez has left Mr. Pollo on San Francisco's Mission Street, where he created a daily tasting menu that went for $20 a person and garnered him quite a bit of buzz. There's some bad blood with the landlord and his former sous chef, who has taken over at Mr. Pollo, but Gimenez is keeping it positive: his new space (a few doors down) is more than twice the size, and he's calling on his background—he trained at Nobu in New York, Frasca in Colorado, Quince and Coi in San Francisco—to serve a new $75 ten-course prix fixe menu based on his favorite creations. "My concept is to do fine dining for ordinary people," he says. More

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