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Grapes of the Amazon: Like the Mangosteen, But Way Better

Wandering through the Colombian/Peruvian Amazon, my wife and I discovered what the locals called uvas. It translates literally as "grapes," but these were nothing like normal grapes. Though similar to mangosteens, they're better in pretty much every way—better packaging, single-serving size, easy to peel, very similar flavor, and at least deep in the Amazon, a fraction of the cost. Of course, now the big problem is they're probably not available anywhere near where you live (whomp). More

Mangosteens in Philadelphia

Looks like Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia has gotten its hands on a shipment of mangosteens. In the coming weeks, Di Bruno Bros. (1730 Chestnut Street; 215-665-9220) will carry a very, very limited supply of the fruit, at an intriguing/slightly frightening price of $45 per pound (the average mangosteen weighs about a third of a pound). That's about $15 a 'steen, for those of you slow on the math tip. [via Don Luis] Earlier: Mangosteens in the U.S., The Mangosteens Are Coming... More

Mangosteens in the U.S.

I'm somewhat glad that I don't know what mangosteens taste like; otherwise I might shell out $11 just for one piece of the fruit primarily grown in Thailand. Gersh Kuntzman only indulged in two pieces at a gourmet greengrocer in Brooklyn, lest he wanted to refinance his house. Although Kuntzman happily tore into his $45-a-pound fruit, his wife was less impressed: "Face it, at $45 a pound, this mangosteen should come in a limousine with a chauffer who also cleans our kitchen. Besides, the joy of eating a mangosteen is eating it in Thailand. Imagine sending a Bagel Hole bagel to your brother in North Carolina. It’s not even worth the bother." I think I'll skip out on trying a... More

The Mangosteens Are Coming

The Mangosteen is coming. I had one in Vancouver, B.C. a couple of years ago, and it was lusciously delicious. The late Johnny Apple would be so happy. Here's a tiny portion of what he wrote about his craving for mangosteens in the Times in 2003. I will certainly toast Johnny when I taste my first mangosteen in New York.... More

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