'manatees' on Serious Eats

Video: A Very Hungry Manatee

Is there a hole in your heart due to last week's absence of a "cute animals eating" video? Let me fill that void with this clip of an especially blubberous and determined manatee who hoists itself onto the edge of a rock to suck up a few stray lettuce leaves. Go, manatee, go! More

Photo of the Day: Monsieur Manatee

After seeing VerySmallAnna's cute paintings of animals and food, I knew I had to make a request. A week later, Monsieur Manatee was born. This red beret-clad manatee likes to nosh on crusty baguettes and bags of treats from Pierre Hermé—just like me! Thanks so much to Anna for making my office space a little bit cuter. If you commission a painting from her, I'd love to see what you end up with.... More

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