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Rendezvous Shipment Satisfies Case of Homesick Memphis Blues

[Flickr: biskuit] I am deliriously happy living in Seattle. The mountains, the Puget Sound, the oysters! What's not to love? Still, I do often miss Memphis, the city where I lived for three years before returning to the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, there's a sure cure for my blues: a shipment of Rendezvous Barbecue. Barbecue at the Source Now, nothing can replace the experience of eating at this Memphis landmark. The sassiest smelling smoke billows out of the restaurant's cavernous ovens, beckoning diners into an alley named November 6, 1934—so named for the election day when voters passed the bond to fund the Tennessee Valley Authority. Walk down a set of stairs at Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous and take a peek... More

Soda Pop Stop: One-Stop Shopping for 450 Different Sodas

Americans are a bubbly bunch; they love soda, and that’s that. But when it comes to variety, most of the vintage brews and unusual flavors slip through the Coca-Cola cracks. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, a soda shop based in Los Angeles, salvages and sells 450 of them (and ships them). The flavors link on the website allows for a quick perusal. I’m trying Sweet Blossom soda in Rose, Jasmine, and Elderflower. Anyone up for Mr. Q. Cumber? What soda flavors do you love or miss most?... More

The Best Super Bowl Mail-Order Feasts: What's Your Favorite?

Let's face it. The Super Bowl gives us all an excuse to eat something out of the ordinary, to partake of foods we don't eat and can't even get every day. That's where the joy of ordering shipped regional specialties comes in. I believe that the Super Bowl gives serious eaters everywhere license to indulge in that vaguely decadent practice of ordering food by mail. If you do decide to take the plunge, here are some mighty tasty options to consider. I know it's kind of late in the game (the eating game, that is) to be writing this, but if you order today (Jan. 29) or tomorrow (Jan. 30), your feast will arrive in plenty of time. And if... More

For Father's Day: Steaks and Chops

There are a whole lot of mail-order steaks out there. Even Donald Trump has gotten into the act with his Sharper Image beef. But at their best, like at Peter Luger's or Lobel's, mail-order steaks are really good and really expensive. But a few weeks ago I had a flat-iron steak from Lobel's that was killer and downright reasonable. The flat-iron cut is also known as top blade steak, and it's both very beefy and very tender, an usual combination in a moderately priced piece of beef ($15.98 plus shipping). Lobel's never freezes its meat, they only ship meat that is at least prime-graded, and if you've never had a flat-iron steak before, it will be a revelation.... More

For Father's Day: Love, Peace, and Pie

I'm a dad and I love pie, so I can only conclude that all dads love pie. What's not to love about a great pie? We all appreciate flakey, golden-brown crusts and firm, not-too-sweet fresh fruit filling, don't we? Is there anything better than a great piece of cherry pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or better yet some vanilla frozen custard? So this Father's Day give your dad a cherry pie from the Grand Traverse Pie Company. You'll make him very happy. Order it today and your pie will make it to your dad by Father's Day.... More

Zingerman's Gets Some Well-Deserved Love

Though I was glad to see the New York Times cover Zingerman's today in its business section, the piece somehow failed to convey the idiosyncratic soulfulness of both the Zingerman's family of businesses and its co-founders Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinsweig. That family of businesses includes a world-class deli, the best food mail-order and online catalog I know, a bakery that turns out very good baked goods and bread, a creamery that churns out the best cream cheese I have ever tasted as well as a number of other fine artisanal cheeses, a roadhouse restaurant where they smoke their own meats, and even Zingtrain seminars where they dispense their unique set of business principles. Having known them for more... More

Serious Eats's Chocolate Faves for Valentine's Day

Here at Serious Eats, we know that Valentine's Day is merely a great excuse to buy your significant other some serious chocolate. We're not talking Whitman's or See's or Stover's. We're talking handmade chocolates made by chocolate-obsessed folks from coast to coast. Here is a list of our favorites. More

Serious New Year's Food Sources

Serious Eats made its network television debut on Good Morning America Tuesday morning December 26. I talked about great New Year’s mail-order foods that we think serious eaters would love. But since the nice folks at Good Morning America limited me to four ideas, I thought I would share what else we would recommend if they had just given us another half hour of airtime. A great New Year's mail-order food lineup should take into account a few factors. People have already made their way through Thanksgiving and Christmas, eating traditional family foods and receiving gifts of foods they really don't want, like fruitcake or bad steaks. The food focus during Thanksgiving and Christmas is on doing what's expected, doing... More

Serious New Year's Food Sources

New Year's is a time to clear the decks, to indulge yourself and a few loved ones with foods we all love to eat. With our selections, people can stay home, invite a few friends over, and enjoy a great New Year's Eve or New Year's Day meal. More

Swine Is Fine All the Time

It’s time to give up the ghost of holiday gift-giving and concentrate on feeding yourself and your loved ones. All of us at Serious Eats like to eat swine in all its glorious forms. These great purveyors will satisfy anyone’s desire for a serious pork fix. More

Give the Gift of Noshing

Whether you’re a New York expatriate who’s been exiled to a software development job in Silicon Valley or just someone who discovered the delights of quintessential New York food on a trip to Gotham, we all love New York food.... More

Give the Gift of Noshing

For things like pastrami, bagels, and bialys, cheesecake, you've got to go to the source. Or have someone from the source ship it to you. Serious Eats' last-minute gift guide of quintessential New York treats. More

Chocolate Gift Guide

All right. Listen Up. From here on out we're changing the name of the upcoming holidays in order to focus exclusively on chocolate gifts. From now on Christmas will be known as Chocomas. Hanukkah becomes Chocokah. Kwanzaa, Chockwanzaa. I'm not trying to be blasphemous here. I'm just trying to help all of you give your loved ones what they probably want—namely chocolate in all its forms. Here are twelve places to order truly extraordinary chocolate items online. Those of you celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa will have to pare down these choices to eight or seven, respectively, unless you want to double up on four or five of the days. Day 1: John & Kira's | johnandkiras.com John and Kira are... More

The Last Chance to Win Your Thanksgiving Pies

Sunday Nov. 19th is the last day to enter the Thanksgiving pie contest. To win two superb pies of your choice just tell me in 100 words or less what your all pie Thanksgiving menu would consist of and why. On Monday I will announce the winner and figure out the logistics of delivering the pies. The other pie winners (for correctly identifying the two pie quotes) will also be notified then. Remember, both New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers can enter the contest. New Yorkers will receive two pies from either Two Little Red Hens or Yura & Company. Serious pie lovers in other cities will receive pies from either their favorite local pie baker or from Grand Traverse... More

Mail-Order Pies

Traverse City Pie Company: TCPC not only still makes all their magnificent Michigan cherry pies by hand, but its other pies are also pretty damned fine. If you don't live in close proximity to a great pie, a shipped TCPC... More

Another Bacon Contender

An ELE reader posted singing the praises of Broadbent bacon I'm going to order some. We got a baconthon goin' on. Anybody else have a bacon to rhapsodize over? Has anyone else noticed that all pictures of bacon look the same? Maybe there's one photo of bacon that all companies use.... More

Hot Links

Pableaux Johnson wrote rapturously about cherries and other fruit in the Hood River Valley in Oregon, and though I've never been there, his story had me thinking about a roadtrip. The folks at Chefshop have been sending me many reminders about the fantastic cherries they will start shipping from Batch Family Farm in eastern Washington. I know you can get cherries at your local market starting right about now, but the Batch cherries are something special. I've had the Lapins, which are juicy and huge, with a deep cherry flavor. This year Chefshop is also selling BFF Sweetheart cherries, which are a new strain of sweet cherries first grown in British Columbia. These are picked right after the Lapins, in... More

Smokin' Smoked Sausage

For me, the one revelation at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party was the Southside Market's Smoked Beef Sausage. They call it "Elgin Hot Sausage," but in actuality it doesn't have much of a kick at all. I spent a... More

Saba is my Secret Weapon, or What to Cook Tonight

Fairly often my wife gets fed up with our eating regimen (lots of grilled cheese sandwiches (made with great cheese or sometimes Kraft Deluxe American slices), salads, hot dogs and burgers) and demands that I make her a home-cooked meal. So yesterday I bought a container of roasted vegetables at Fairway, one of my local gourmet stores, to use as a sidedish with the boneless pork roast I was going to make. After liberally salting the meat with kosher salt I browned the outside of the pork roast in a saute pan on top of the stove in some olive oil and a little butter. Put the butter in after the olive oil has heated up or else the butter... More

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