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Another Close Race: Madeleine vs. Macaron

In the spirit of tight battles this week, we bring you Cakespy's showdown between macarons and madeleines. The two pastry delights may be similar-sounding, have similar fussiness factors and each draw from fran├žais roots, but only one can be our leader. The votes are in, and ahead with 169 total yays, Team Macaron wins. But not far behind, Team Madeleine got a respectable 123 votes. Still undecided between the fairy sandwich and fan-shaped Proustian cookie? Aran of the precious site Cannelle et Vanille analyzed the polls best. "I see the madeleine as the 'stout' girl vs the 'école superior' refined macaroon. Madeleines are soft and bumpy, dipped in coffee, making a messy table from spilling milk...And the macaron with its... More

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