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American Chop Suey (Macaroni, Beef, and Cheese Skillet Casserole)

Beefaroni, macaroni and beef, chili mac, Johnny Marzetti, or American chop suey, call it what you will, but whatever its origins, there's one thing for sure: the stuff is delicious. Tender pasta with a rich tomato and beef sauce flavored with garlic and oregano, cooked together with onions and peppers, and finished with cheese, this is Italian-American comfort food at its finest. Not only that, but it's a ridiculously easy dish to put together, cooked 100% on the stovetop, and requiring nothing more than a pot, a bowl, and about half an hour of your time. More

Seriously Meatless: Southwest Mac and Cheese With a Cornbread Crust

Macaroni and cheese is great to make for dinner parties that include kids. I like to make two batches: one with a simple and classic cheese sauce, and the other with big, bold flavors. Today's recipe is for a Southwestern version packed with three kinds of peppers (roasted poblano, Hatch, and red bell) and topped with cornbread crumbs instead of the standard breadcrumbs. More

Macaroni Soup with Ham for Breakfast in Hong Kong

[Flickr: ulteriorepicure] The concept of a steamy bowl of soup for breakfast is common in many cultures, specifically in Hong Kong where it involves the combination of soft elbow noodles with salty ham strips in a light broth. As Ulterior Epicure points out after enjoying some recently, it's a good example of Hong Kong food since it adapts Western foods (macaroni and ham) to fit Chinese cuisine (a hot broth soup in the morning). Some even suggest throwing frozen green peas into the mix. Are you a fan of breakfast soups?... More

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