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Snapshots from Asia: Tropical Fruit Feast: The Lychee is Not a Nut!

At a gelati stand, I remember being thoroughly confused when my friend asked, “So what kind of nut is the lychee?” “Huh?” I exclaimed. The friend fairly thumped the counter pane with his finger, indicating the near-empty tub of Lychee Nut Sorbet. “The lychee isn’t a nut… it’s a fruit!” I said. “Bet?” challenged the friend. He knew two things: 1) that I would be dying to rush home to consult the google gods; and 2) that I had an afternoon of appointments far away from civilization. This fiend-friend delights in tormenting me. But he soon owed me dessert. As it turns out, this whole lychee nut business stems from a mistake. Lychees deteriorate quickly once picked and dry... More

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