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Scenes from the Lucky Rice Festival Opening Night Dumpling Party

The Fourth Annual Lucky Rice Festival—a week-long event celebrating Asian cuisine—officially kicked off last night with a "dumpling party" featuring some amazing bites from chef Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food. There were not only dumplings but also noodles, meatballs, and even the rogue tostada. Despite any seeming differences, the dishes were all united in deliciousness. More

Scenes from the Lucky Rice Grand Feast

On Friday night, the Lucky Rice Asian food festival had its most ambitious event, the Grand Feast. At the ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Columbus Circle, guests were treated to some delicious and innovative bites from chefs like Ming Tsai, Todd English, Masaharu Morimoto, Susur Lee, and other famous chefs from around the world. It was incredible to see, smell, and taste how all these chefs took Asian cuisine to whole new levels with dishes like edamame dumplings, pig blood popsicles, and snapper with dashi and trout roe. Guests were also treated copious amounts of drink options, from cocktails made with Bombay Sapphire, whisky from Suntory Whisky, and Singha beer. More

Scenes from The Luckyrice Chiang Mai Dinner with Andy Ricker and Dave Thompson

Both chefs' interpretations of Thai cuisine lean towards the traditional, yet the flavors that came pouring out of the tiny three-man kitchen last night were unlike anything I've ever experienced anywhere. While the cuisine of central and Southern Thailand might be about the balance of the four basic flavors—hot, sour, salty, and sweet—Chef Ricker was very clear that this is emphatically not the case with the Issan dishes derived from Laotian cuisine eaten in the North. More

Scenes from the Lucky Rice Sunset Luau

The Lucky Rice Asian food festival continued last night the roof of the Gansevoort hotel, which was transformed into a Hawiian getaway complete with top Hawiian chefs serving delicious dishes that showcased island-grown ingredients. Hosted by Hawiian Airlines, the event featured Chefs Alan Wong and Roy Yamaguchi, two of the founding fathers of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, as well as Chef Vikram Garg and Hawaiian Airline's own executive chef Chai Chaowasaree. Click through the slideshow to see their creations! More

What to Expect at the Lucky Rice Sunset Luau

Next Wednesday, the Lucky Rice Asian food festival will be hosting a Sunset Luau at the Gaansevort Meatpacking Hotel. Some of Hawaiia's biggest chefs—Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi, Chai Chaowasaree, and Vikram Garg—will make their spins on traditional luau food with drinks from Lani Kai's Julie Reiner. Hearing about the event made us ask—and we expect we're not the only ones—what is traditional Hawaiian cuisine? And what's Haiwaiian food like today? I talked to some of the participating chefs to get their thoughts. More

Why Aren't There Any Night Markets in New York?

At Serious Eats HQ, we've been talking about night markets a lot of late. We're pretty stoked about the Lucky Rice Night Market on May 5th, and we had a good time at last weekend's Taiwan Night Market. We've even seen some night market-like sights on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, with communities gathered under sodium lamps to eat tacos at trucks and carts along the street. And the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn has made some definite suggestions of events combining night food and culture. But we don't really have night markets in this city, which is a big shame, as they're pretty much the most fun you can have while eating. More

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