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Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 3 comments

This guilt-free chocolate angel food cake is moist and light, and flavored with juicy orange and deep dark espresso. More

Mixed Review: Kodiak Cakes Bear Country Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookies

Sweets Lucy Baker 4 comments

I'm a skeptic when it comes to baking with whole wheat flour. Too often, I find the consistency of such "healthy" desserts leaden and granular, the flavors a bit woody and dull.Still, I couldn't resist the funky, Adirondack-style packaging of Kodiak Cakes Bear Country Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookie Mix ($5.75). More

Mixed Review: Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake

Lucy Baker 15 comments

Store-bought angel food cakes are much more convenient but severely lacking in flavor. Too often they are cloyingly sweet, sticky, and quick to go stale. The solution? Angel food cake mixes, which deliver straight-from-the-oven flavor with a minimum amount of elbow grease. More

Low-Fat Brownies: Applesauce vs. Yogurt

Lucy Baker 34 comments

Yes, they look awfully similar but which one makes the fudgiest brownies? After gorging on holiday desserts, it isn't hard to make a New Year's resolution to eat more healthfully and drop a few pounds. Sticking to it, however, is another story. The long, freezing winter ahead can look pretty bleak if it doesn't include steaming mugs of cocoa and cookies warm from the oven. That's why this month I'll be reviewing low-fat mixes and baking techniques. Here at Serious Eats, we believe there is room in every diet for dessert! When you're cutting calories, it's difficult not to fantasize about the foods you "can't" have—especially ones that involve chocolate. But it is possible to have your brownies and... More

Cook the Book: Low-Fat Applesauce Doughnuts

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 2 comments

Amy Scherber has seen countless food trends come and go since she first launched Amy's Bread in 1992. The low-fat craze of the mid '90s was one of the most obsessive (customers used to ask about the fat content of... More

Cooking from the Glossies: Somewhat Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cornbread

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 7 comments

Like most people, I prefer to start my day with a healthy meal. My breakfast usually consists of fresh fruit and two rice cakes topped with cottage cheese. It's certainly not as delicious as a bacon-and-pancake feast, but it's full... More

Cook the Book: Low-Fat Berry Cheesecake

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 1 comment

I love cheesecake, but I rarely eat it because it's such a fat bomb. Have you ever Googled the calorie count for a slice from the Cheesecake Factory? I have, and the results aren't pretty. No wonder the restaurant refuses... More

My Seven Go-To Foods for the New Year: What Are Yours?

Ed Levine 55 comments

In light of my New Year's resolution to lose weight, I decided I had to come up with a list of seven go-to foods that I must always keep on hand to satisfy primal food cravings in a controlled fashion. More

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