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Video: Herding Backyard Goats in Louisville, Kentucky

It's not often that you look at a suburban backyard to find a man herding goats, but that is what people in one neighborhood in Louisville experience every day. Burundian refugee Jean-Marie herds goats within the Louisville, Kentucky, city limits. He sells them to the growing immigrant and refugee population. Goat isn't yet popular with all Southerners, but it reminds Jean-Marie of his homeland. This video captures the day we spent with him and his family. More

United States of Pizza: Kentucky

The Bluegrass State may be better known for the Colonel's fried chicken, but it has plenty of good pizza to offer. Louisville has a number of celebrated pizzerias, but some of the best pies can be found at restaurants that don't specialize in pizza. Outside of Louisville, you can find VPN-certified pies as well as a pizzeria that caters mostly to rock-climbers. More

Southern Foodways: Bar Culture in Louisville, Kentucky — An Oral History Project

Louisville is awash in bourbon. And beer. It's a drinking person’s town, due in no small part to the state’s bourbon heritage and the city’s nickname-namesake brewery, Falls City. This is where the Old Fashioned was invented. It’s where Al Capone dodged the law during prohibition. And it’s where barkeeps plied their customers with rolled oysters and bean soup to keep them coming back. More

The Best Chef's Tables in the U.S.

The chef's table—where you sit in or very near the kitchen to get a bird's eye view of the proceedings while a special meal is cooked for you—is a concept many serious food lovers find appealing. ForbesTraveler.com gives its list of the nine best examples in the U.S.... More

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