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Candy A Day: Watermelon Blow Pops

When you were a kid, did you ever make capes out of the plastic wrappers of your Blow Pops? I'd inevitably get about 30 of these every year for Halloween and try and hoard them, spacing them out over the course of a couple months (I never made it past December). By the last few you sucked down, the wrapper would be so stuck to the candy that it'd peel away in strips, leaving long oblique triangles of plastic still stuck to the pop, which you'd have to spit out. More

Behind the Scenes at the See's Candies Factory in Los Angeles

When it opened for business in 1921, the first See's Candies shop was a small storefront at 135 North Western Avenue, in the heart of what is now Los Angeles' Koreatown. The founder, Charles See, set up a candy kitchen in the back of the shop, where he turned out his mother Mary's recipes for dipped bon bons, maple walnut creams, and toffee. Last week, I had my own personal Golden Ticket moment when I got to tour the See's factory and watch the candy getting made. More

Because Everything Is More Fun on a Stick: How to Make Macaron Pops

[Photograph: Bakerella] Want to make macarons look ever cuter? Put them on sticks. Like pies, the round shape lends itself well to lollipopification; unlike pies, most macarons are already the perfect size to be eaten off a stick. All you have to do is lay a stick in the filling before you stick the two macaron cookie halves together. Check out the recipes and photos at Tartlette and Bakerella for more guidance. [via @am3thyst] Related Introduction to French Macarons How to Make Macarons Macaron Glacé = Ice Cream Sandwich with Macarons and Gelato Blogwatch: Bakerella's VOTE Cake Pops... More

How to Make Gumball Flower Lollipops

[Photograph: Gourmet Mom-on-the-Go] I never felt compelled to buy gumballs and lollipop sticks until I saw these gumball flowers by Gourmet Mon on-the-Go. Stick small gumballs around a larger gumball with a ring of icing and you've got a cute and easy-to-make treat. [via Epicute] Related Pie Lollipops Oh My God, Maple Bacon Lollipops... More

Serious Heat: Five of the Best Spicy Lollipops

Editor's note: On Thursdays, Andrea Lynn, associate editor of Chile Pepper magazine, drops by to drop some Serious Heat. Photograph by Arthur Cohen While some need the pep of an afternoon cup of joe, I used to have a midday addiction to Atomic Fireballs. But inside that hard red candy there's a fleeting cinnamon heat that disappears into blandness sooner than I'd like. What's a way better choice? Spicy lollipops speckled with chiles, which contain a continual explosion of sugary fire. Don't make the mistake of newbies, who sometimes underestimate the power of these candies. According to Kathy Mitchell, accounts manager for the Grover, California-based Hotlix, "When we're at trade shows with the lollipops, some people try them and then... More

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