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iVillage Knocks off the Chick-fil-A Lettering?

Silicon Alley Insider points us to the redesigned logo for iVillage, the interactive women's website. Hmm, why does it make us suddenly crave chicken sandwiches and waffle fries from a mall food court? All they forgot was the feather crest and beak. Related Chick-fil-A [Talk] Chick-fil-A's Chick-n-Minis Chick-fil-A vs. McDonald's Southern Style Chicken... More

New Wonder Bread Logo

Brand New Corporate branding and identity blog Brand New compares Wonder Bread's new and old logos. The group behind the logo, Willoughby Design, says: Needing to recapture a #1 position in the market, Willoughby and Wonder Bread took a new look at the red, yellow and blue balloons, explored a more grown-up typeface, and dialed up the sophistication of the design system overall in order to broaden the brand’s reach to meet the growing demands of this older demographic. I'm not sure I get the sense of sophistication—I mostly see that the rightmost balloon has transformed into a blue "arm." Related 'Coca-Cola Classic' Changing Name Back to 'Coca-Cola' Tropicana, Pepsi Overhaul Packaging Popeyes Gets a Full Brand Makeover... More

Gallery of Arabic Versions of Western Food Packages

Photograph from graphicology on Flickr Designer J. Jason Smith took photos of Arabic and English versions of Western packages, mostly food-related, during his trip to Dubai. It's interesting to see how the logos retain their identities in the switch between English and Arabic. [via Brand New] Related The Design of Grocery Store Signage Stories Behind 10 Famous Food Logos Tropicana, Pepsi Overhaul Packaging... More

Photo of the Day: Transformer BBQ Logo

Behold, the best barbecue smoking team logo ever. Adam mentioned Transformer BBQ's logo in his post about the American Royal Barbecue Contest, but the logo's awesomeness warrants its own post. Compare the original Transformers logo to the porky version, after the jump.... More

A Day Portrayed in Brand Logos

Jane, an advertising account executive, documents a day of her life in brand logos in the form of her "Brand-Timeline Portrait" with some food-related bits here and there (although I assume the Whiskas is for her cat). My favorite part of her day is when the clock strikes 5:49: it's all about the beer and cigarettes. Would your daily brand-timeline portrait also include Jane's regulars of Quiznos, Pepsi, and Starbucks? [via neatorama]... More

What Do You Think of the New Starbucks Logo?

Last month, we told you what coffee drinkers thought of the new Starbucks Pike Place Roast. Everything from "kinda watery" to "real strong." But maybe we should have asked instead about the mermaid's new look. Er, old look, since the breast-baring image is a throwback to the original Seattle store's logo. The redesign had one conservative group upset and covering children's eyes. Well, they can simmer down because Starbucks announced, "we will be returning to the standard green logo in a few weeks." Apparently, this was not in reaction to critics; it was always part of the plan: roll out the "heritage logo" for an eight-week long Pike Place Roast launch, then phase her out. Related The Changing Face of... More

Update on the McDonald's Logo on WNBA Jerseys

Photographs from WNBA.com The McDonald's logo is hard to miss during WNBA games now. It appears on the players and on the court itself. Here's some evidence of the NASCAR-ification of WNBA players, as previously reported. It's not nearly as bad as one might imagine, but it does set a dangerous precedent.... More

WNBA Players Will Wear Jerseys With a McDonald's Logo

Artist's rendering of the future of sports, which unsettlingly resembles the extreme commercialism and marketing-controlled future depicted in comedy movie Idiocracy. Looking at a WNBA jersey will soon make your subconscious crave a greasy Southern-style chicken sandwich. As part of an ad campaign for their Chick-Fil-A-ish creation, McDonalds is branding all fourteen WNBA team jerseys with the Double Arches. The iconic logo will also sneak up on pole pads, seat backs, on-court decals and other courtside signage during the league's season-opening week. When asked if other corporate sponsors could soon nab jersey space, WNBA President Donna Orender responded with the late McDonalds adage. "It could happen." [via AdAge] Related Throwdown: Chick-fil-A vs. McDonald's Southern Style Chicken... More

The Changing Face of Starbucks: The History of the Logos Through the Years

Update (1/5/2011) Starbucks dropped all words from its logo today. Here's what the latest version looks like (see below for the history up until now): Previous to 1/5/2011 A) Engraving of a twin-tailed siren (15th century); B) First Starbucks logo (1971 - 1987); C) Il Giornale logo; D) Merging of Starbucks and Il Giornale (1987 - 1992); E) Redesigned Starbucks logo (1992 - today); F) Current Starbucks logo, a revival of the original If you stopped by Starbucks the other day to try their new Pike Place Roast brewed coffee, you may have noticed the cup looked a little different, with the siren's tails displayed more prominently. Actually, this "new" design is a throwback to the original Starbucks logo, which... More

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