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Speaking of Food-Related Neologisms ...

So you all think locavore is a terrible word? How 'bout this terribly awesome word: lolcavore. It's a portmanteau of lolcat and locavore, of course. A reader of the blog Language Log came up with it and Photoshopped this lolcat-style image to go along with it: "I could not help misreading locavore/localvore as being prefixed by lol-, and then could not help but apply appropriate text to a photo... resulting in the pic." All you locavore haters, heads-up: The woman in the photo is Jessica Prentice, the coiner of the term you loathe. [via Talley Sue] Related Locavore: 2007 Word of the Year Locavore vs. localvore: the coiner speaks [Language Log]... More

My Local Valentine

Brian Halweil of Edible Communities and editor of Edible East End with Valentine's presents that are all the more sweet for being local to the East End of New York's Long Island. Just as the New York Times style mavens tell us that organic and fair-trade nosegays are becoming as popular as similarly conscientious comestibles, here’s a short list of locally raised, baked, and brewed Valentine’s gifts to arouse your lover’s passion while reducing her carbon footprint.... More

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