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Farmers Sustain Each Other and Us

Micheline Maynard's fascinating piece today in the New York Times about the daily Benton Harbor, Michigan, truck market reveals so much about the state of local produce markets in America. We tend to romanticize farmers' markets in this country in the name of authenticity and honesty. We love the idea that we're buying fruits and vegetables from the very people who grew them, and that one-on-one interaction makes us feel we are nourishing our bodies and souls with each transaction. And we are. But as Maynard points out, many of the people buying produce at the daily market in Benton Harbor are farmers themselves: "By and large, the biggest customers at the cash market are other growers who buy for... More

What if Local Isn't Tastier?

In my heart I would like to be a locavore purist, eating food grown or raised within a 500-mile radius of my house. When I read about Broadway East, a restaurant opening this fall in New York City that is going to serve three locavore squares a day, I applauded. I believe in local food, slow food, and every other kind of "food" movement that supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture. I pledge allegiance to Alice Waters every day. But what's a localist to do when the cherries taste better from Washington, 3,000 miles away from where this local yokel calls home?... More

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