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Video: A Day on a Lobster Boat in Maine

What's the lobster-catching process like? We left at 4 a.m. to find out, filming for a day on a lobster boat in Maine, where arguably the best stuff is caught. There was a gorgeous sunrise followed by white caps and the very repetitive process of bringing in traps, throwing out the small (or very large) lobsters and keeping the few that were of size. More

Photo of the Day: Lobster Bread

Photograph from giorgiofano1978 on Flickr It's a loaf of bread shaped like a lobster. Or a lobster that transformed into a loaf of bread. The latter would be more interesting, although I suppose it's a biological impossibility. Related In Videos: How Bread Was Made In The 80's The Lobster Claw Game, Right Next to the Gum and Diet Sodas Cook the Book: Classic Maine Lobster Rolls... More

Photo of the Day: When Seafood Goes Bad

They're arthropods with attitude. Be careful, or else they'll cut you with their man-made implements. ...Or you can wrestle them into a point of boiling water and feast on a delicious lobster dinner! Related Photo of the Day: NOM NOM NOM Snails I haz a doodle. Sqirl Scout Cookyz... More

Lobster-Theme Nike Dunks

Peep these awesome lobster-themed shoes, which were created as part of a collaboration between Nike Skateboarding and Cambridge, Mass., streetwear store Concepts. The shoe's colorways run from lobster orange to lobster red, with lobster shell–like black specks strewn throughout. They come with blue rubber bands stretched across the toe and are packaged in a wooden box that looks like a lobster trap. My favorite detail: the shoe liner that looks like a picnic tablecloth. Pinch me! [via Kitsune Noir with a tip o' the hat to Kottke]... More

Lobsters Escape German Supermarket

The lobsters escaped form their poorly secured crates, then "scurried across the floor of the supermarket and squeezed through the metal shutters covering the front of the store. The front door had been left open by mistake. . . Passers by alerted the police at 1:45 a.m. reporting a large number of the animals heading down the street."... More

Lobster Shortage Drives Prices Osprey-High

According to the New York Times, lobster prices have nearly doubled in the past year, thanks to a "confluence of bad weather, extremely cold water, and a lack of reserve supply." Some current New England restaurant lobster prices: Anthony's Pier 4 (Boston): $112 for a 3.5-pound lobsterUnion Oyster House (Boston): $47.95 for a 2-pound lobsterWarren's Lobster House (Kittery, Maine): $28.95 for a 1-pounder According to the owner of Warren's, "We thought we might have to change our name to Warren's Chicken House or something."... More

Lobster & Beer Risotto

"Well, folks, if risotto is rice dressed up for a night on the town, my husband has just stuffed a wad of cash into its pockets and told it not to return before dawn. Yes, those tell-tale red morsels of succelent sweet meat resting in the mounds of creamy risotto are indeed lobster. And that creamy and delicious sauce is made up of cheese, and yes, booze. Beer, to be precise. And then there’s a dollop of honey — just for sweetness." The happy pair behind the My Husband Cooks blog just posted a recipe for lobster and beer risotto that's making me swoon.... More

Maine Lobstermen VS Whole Foods

Maine lobstermen are upset with Whole Foods, not because they stopped selling lobster in their stores last year because of animal rights concerns but because they're going to start selling them again in a soon-to-open Portland store. "Lobster groups were fine with the ban until the company announced that it will change its rules for Portland after finding a New Hampshire company with a more compassionate way to bring lobsters to retailers. "The suggestion is, they know how to do it better," said Kristen Millar, executive director of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council."... More

Ed's Soapbox

I am as big a champion of sustainable agriculture and responsibly, ethically raised meat as most, but I have to say I'm baffled by Whole Foods' recent decision not to sell live lobsters and crabs in their stores because these crustaceans suffer unnecessarily in captivity and subsequent death. I'm sure lobsters and crabs don't look forward to being put in tanks, killed and eaten, but if we can't eat lobsters and crabs with impunity, what's next? Whole Foods banning the sale of Bumble Bee (or even a fabulous fancy-pants brand like Ortiz) tuna because the tuna suffer horribly on their way to the can? Talk about slippery slope.... More

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