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All 20 Lobster Rolls from Tasting Table's Lobster Roll Rumble

Last night marked Tasting Table's Annual Lobster Roll Rumble, with seafood restaurants and clam shacks from New York and all over the country selected by the Tasting Table crew to face off in a battle of knuckle, claw, and tail. Some contenders kept it simple, with a drizzle of drawn butter and a dusting of chives, while others went all-out in rethinking the lobster roll—lobster mac and cheese with lobster roe, anyone? More

Serious Entertaining: Enjoy the Last of Lobster Roll Season

Now that Labor Day weekend is behind us, before we start getting all pumpkin-giddy, it's time to enjoy the tail end of lobster roll season. This summer, Maine's lobster harvest was record-breakingly bountiful. The lobster harvest pushed prices the lowest they've been in 30 years. You should still be able to score some decent lobster by the pound deals in the Northeast; here are recipes for both the cold, mayo-based lobster "salad" roll and the hot, buttery kind. More

18 Fish and Other Seafood Sandwiches We Love

When we think seaside vacation, we think lobster rolls and crab shacks. This had us thinking about other sandwiches of the sea that we love. From crispy crabcakes to salty tender lox to battered flaky fish filets and shrimp po' boys in New Orleans, there are many ways to put a sea creature on bread. Since Sandwich Month continues (!) we've collected our favorite seafood sandwiches from all over the country. More

Fast-Food Lobster Rolls: Can They Be Any Good?

National and local chains roll out their versions of the lobster roll. It's a bold choice; lobster meat needs to be served reasonably soon after it's been cooked, and it is subject to some cost fluctuations over the course of the season. So which big chains are serving up mass-market lobster rolls? Are they anywhere close to those served at our favorite roadside Maine seafood shacks? Turns out, one is. More

Lobster Roll Rumble: 19 Lobster Rolls We Ate Last Night

If you're a lobster, you should be pretty nervous around this time of year when TastingTable throws its annual Lobster Roll Rumble. Many pounds of lobster were consumed last night—boatloads, in fact, and that really isn't an exaggeration in this case. Lobster shacks and restaurants from across the country participated to show off their versions of the lobster roll. See all 19 that we ate! More

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster Roll at Portland Lobster Company in Portland, Maine

Even if you're a mayo person, I'll ask you to reconsider the next time lobster is involved. Butter is one of the world's great flavor-foods, whereas commercial mayo's charms, such as they are, are largely textural. Binders and slickeners have their place, but that place is not on something as proud as lobster, which tastes so good on its own—or with butter—that it doesn't need to get by on a texturality. More

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster and Crab Roll from Harraseeket Lunch in South Freeport, Maine

A fresh lobster roll in Maine never sounds like a bad idea, but it sounds ridiculously necessary after a morning of kayaking with the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery School in Freeport. We hopped into the SE Ford after, headed to Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster. Your smart phone may not be smart enough to find it at first—it's tucked into a small marina in South Freeport. More

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster BLT from B&G Oysters in Boston

If you're gonna mess with two perfect concepts—lobster rolls and BLTs—this is the way to do it. Barbara Lynch's B.L.T. with Lobster ($28), a charter-menu classic at her chic South End raw bar, is one of those rare dishes that actually makes the concept of "fusion" seem appealing. Shucked lobster meat (cooked until perfect firm-tender doneness, of course) is heaped between slices of crusty ciabatta, along with crisp bacon, ripe red tomato slices, torn romaine, and a healthy slather of lemon juice-spiked Hellmann's. More

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster Roll from Logan Airport in Boston

If you have a lengthy layover at the Boston airport, conveniently around dinnertime, consider stopping at Boston Beer Works (especially if it's ridiculously close to your gate, as it was for me). The lobster roll ($17) is served on a New England style hot dog bun. Inside, there are large, sweet, meaty chunks of lobster meat. There was a mayo-based dressing, but only a pretty light touch with a slightly lemony flavor. More

Photo of the Day: Lobster Dog

File this under holy-what-the-you've-got-to-be-kidding. The Lobster Dog. We've been all hung up on lobster rolls lately, but really? Isn't this going too far? Is mating with a hot dog really making the situation better? Whether horrifying or amazing, the Lobster Dog is sure a site to behold. More

17 Lobster Rolls We Love in the Northeast

We've had lobster rolls on the brain lately as you've probably noticed. It was finally time to develop a Lobster (Honor) Roll of our favorites in Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Sure, there are some fine specimens elsewhere, but New England is arguably the motherland of lobster rolls, and we threw in a few NYC picks that can hold their own in the mix. Here are the 17 we picked! (Warning: NSFShellfish-allergic) More

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