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DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Limoncello?

Limoncello is a sweet, sunshine-colored liqueur made with lemon zest. It has a bright lemon flavor with none of the tartness. Created in Italy as an after-dinner drink, it's light and delicate with just the right amount of alcohol intensity. It's impossible not to smile when you're sipping limoncello. Especially if you made it yourself. More

Cook the Book: Lemon Layer Cake with Campari Frosting

Out of all of the incredible dessert in The Boozy Baker by Lucy Baker the one that I was most looking forward to trying was this Lemon Layer Cake with Campari Frosting. I love limoncello, and seems like a ingredient that should be used in baking projects way more often than it is. And Campari and soda is one of my favorite drinks, especially in the summer months. I was curious to see how its somewhat bitter and herbaceous flavors would lend themselves to a dessert. Incorporating these two Italian favorites into a pink frosted layer cake seemed like they might just be the best summer dessert ever. More

Danny DeVito's! Limoncello!

You've probably already read that Danny DeVito's recently launched his own brand of limoncello to make the most of his drunken appearance last year on The View, which he blamed on a long night out with George Clooney, saying on the show, "I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me." But have you visited the official website for Danny DeVito's Limoncello? Ladies and gentlemen, this is liquour with a THEME SONG—a happy kicky one at that. I'll be singing it all day and I suspect you will be too.... More

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