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Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Beer 30 Light

If you're reading this at three o'clock Friday morning, you're nuts and I'm on a bus. I hope one of us is drinking a paper-bagged 40 of Budweiser, and I further hope it's the one of us who is you. If you're reading about Beer 30 Light in the middle of the night, you need a beer. More

Bottom Shelf Beer: Which Is The Best Superlight Beer?

Last Thursday I turned Meredith the pizza lady's birthday into an excuse to drink too much in the afternoon, because I'm the sort of thoughtful and generous friend who will buy you a belated birthday lunch anyplace your heart desires as long as your heart desires pizza and beer at an old-man bar. Meredith doesn't drink much beer and she eats pizza for a living, but she's sweet as a peach and pretended to be excited to have her afternoon highjacked in pursuit of my vices. More

Serious Beer: The Best Light Beer for Tailgating

This past weekend the University of Missouri celebrated its 100th homecoming. I couldn't make it back, but I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have attended the game if I did. I've never been much for watching sports, but during my four five years there as an undergraduate I became a strong proponent of the eating and drinking that goes along with football. More

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